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White - the one who doesn't give up. -desktop White - the one who doesn't give up. -mobile

White - the one who doesn't give up.

Today we present to you Blanche, aka BB, with special joy since Blanche becomes a traveling companion to help us write and leave a trace of our story - your story - through Mister K.
You will find Blanche's pen and her style which resembles us, all in fluidity and small sensitive touches, in our escape and mood posts, our articles on personal development, a whole anthology of content which I hope you will animate as he conquered us. Welcome BB
Who is White?
Part of his bio is translucent. 33 years old, married to Vincent the handsome entrepreneur, the little ones Romy and Vadim have come to give even more meaning to the time that passes and comes. Blanche has a literary Baccalaureate in her pocket. I have sympathy for what comes next. Blanche, like me, had a brief stint in college. by right . We were just following the movement of friends who wanted to stay together a little longer. But it is absurd to want to stop time and follow a norm that does not suit us, just as we would enter Orders without having faith. And Blanche, like me, wanted to do what she really liked, without compromising with the norm. For her, School of Communication then, a series of internships, in advertising agencies to begin with. Put out your antennas to capture everything about the profession. First job in a small events agency which will become big. In other words, Blanche shared the energy of the founders as well as those who made the project grow; a human adventure, with its share of joy, success, disappointments, fever, friction, reunions, urgency, the entrepreneurial spirit! The Meaning of Party with Jean-Pierre Bacri in a way, you see? During 7 years spent at the Agency, no one got bored, on the contrary, promotion by taking charge of the commercial branch... and then Bout de Chou 1st the beloved came into the world inviting Mom to classify her priorities differently, which Blanche said, improvising a little at first.
Only then did we begin to perceive the invisible part of the iceberg, WRITING. More than a violin from Ingre, a travel agency! Blanche has been addicted to reading since her early childhood; writing is a natural way of continuing this journey on the borderless planet of the imagination at the end of a pen or a keyboard. First papers on the passing spirit of the times, notes from (countless) travels to the ends of the world, observations, comments, sharing.... and then what was supposed to happen happened. First of all, Bout de Chou 2ème the beloved came into the world, to the support of his big sister to force Mom to definitely organize herself to make a living from her writing.
Because the plan was clear, Blanche wanted to devote herself to writing and make a living from it.

So Blanche created her own small self-employed structure to better organize her daily life under the reign of Bouts de Choux 1 & 2.

Blanche’s first “historic” client is the App. Gustave & Rosalie dedicated to outings, lifestyle, travel. For them, she writes the exit plans, which she enriches with the children's division (called Hector ). Blanche is agile and inspired, word of mouth works. Other clients come and appreciate the substance, the form and the respect of deadlines. It's Mister K's turn to jump on the bandwagon of this pleasant and stylish writing. Blanche's niche is not that of large-scale industrial and literary writing of a JK Rowling or a Guillaume Musso, without the slightest frustration, but the niche of freelancers, who have their own nobility. It is the nobility of the scribe who since the dawn of time has put his pen in the service of others. When you return to the Louvre, pass through the Sully pavilion, there you will see the Seated Scribe of the Fifth Egyptian Dynasty. The boy is at least 4,000 years old, and his crystal-encrusted copper eyes look at you placidly and assuredly, his parchment resting on his lap. It is a tracer and passer of words. The Tweet and the emojis won't even have gotten the better of him. The Tweet and emojis are just an avatar of writing, but it's still writing, writing in excess of speed. However, the vehicle is the same, irreplaceable, the vehicle which fuels the right words, grammar and syntax.

In reality, writing is an act of resistance and politeness.

Resist the neurosis which wants to simplify everything to the extreme and the end which would justify the means, including the frenzied selfishness and the absence of empathy which undo all the links. But nothing is decided. It is even pleasant to note that writing and the word have not given up in the face of cookie-cutter fury and impatience, on the contrary. McSolaar, Soprano and all their fellow rappers and slammers pay homage to writing in their own way; eloquence competitions have unprecedented success. So many signs of resistance, exchanges and belonging to a more transversal, better constructed, peaceful and sensible universe. It's good. Politeness finally. Blanche, who is not without nobility, likes to put herself at the service of others with her writing. Not “getting it on yourself”, finding the right angle and the right words on behalf of others, doing justice to the cause of others without pulling the rug over yourself, that is true politeness. When you read Blanche for Mister K you will think of Saint Francis de Sales: “ noise does no good, good does not make noise ”.

Nib: CH

The main trait of your character?

Reserved, disciplined, and considerate.

What quality do you prefer in a man/woman?

Humor and kindness.

Your main fault?

Sensitive and shy.

Your favorite occupation (passion)?

Read and eat croquetas.

Your dream of happiness?

A house of our own, a place for the mourner in the garden under which to read,

the children who come to spend every weekend there with their friends ... even teenagers !

The country where you would like to live?


For what ? Life seems sweet and I'm too much of a homebody

to go and live too far away…!

Your favorite work?
There are so many… Rebecca” by Daphné du Maurier and “Repair the Living” by Maylis de Kerangal, 
"Alabama Monroe" by Felix Van Groeningen  and “Jules et Jim” by François Truffaut ...
David Bowie and Mathieu Chedid...
Your hero or heroine?

My mother !

The gift of nature that you would like to have?

The power of healing and teleportation.

Your current state of mind?

I realize how lucky I am...!

The Fault that inspires you the most indulgence?

Eating the last slice of pizza without offering it to anyone... I've done it so many times...!

Your motto?

Do not wait for events to happen as you wish ;

decide to want what happens and you will be happy Epictetus

What is your greatest pride?

Having dared to do my job exactly what I love. And a little my children too!

What is the mantra that suits you the most in our collections:

Together Stronger: I feel stronger and have more confidence in myself

when I am surrounded by my family and friends.

What does our inspiration inspire you? Mister k brand. ?

Hope, femininity and a lot of courage.

What would you like to say, advise, to people who discover you today?

To defend what , and those , they love .