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Inès - the one who dreams big.

Today I present to you Inès Remember, on March 3, I posted a quote from Paul Valéry that is dear to me: “ the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up .” The following March 8, International Women's Rights Day, Inès, Siham and I posed together, united for the same cause, among many other causes. Do you believe in coincidences? not me ! Inès is therefore part of the immense wave of hyperactive daydreamers. It is high time to take our dreams as realities. Inès is the founder of DIGITAL FOR THE PLANET. Start-up, digital strategy consulting firm, research laboratory or whistleblower NGO? Why enter a box, it's all of that at once. Only the ways and means - especially human - to transform reality matter.
Goals ?
Simple and basic! Make the planet a place where we can continue to live without noise and pollution.
Inès analyzes and projects action plans in a very specific area that would risk escaping its creators and the compulsive users that we are, if they let themselves run away like headless chickens: DIGITAL. Digital is so useful. We called for it to be better connected, to be informed more quickly, to alert, to understand each other, to come together. But the machine can also go off the rails, spreading fear, false news, exacerbating mediocre impulses. Moral pollution, but also risk of measurable terrestrial pollution.
Inès thus studied that the proliferation of digital technology had many harmful effects.
- scientists say "counterproductive", a euphemism invented to designate our propensity to shoot ourselves in the foot -: proliferation of hardware, overconsumption of energy, hazardous recycling of obsolete machines (...). To take just one striking example cited by Inès, the lithium which is used in the manufacture of batteries - our batteries - and the rare earths used by the new alchemists in this industry, are in the process of being overexploited in China and Bolivia. Farmers who make a living from their crops (like quinoa in Bolivia) could well be robbed of their land by the digital ogre who is ever hungrier. Be careful, let's protect them... But is this a reason to advocate a forced return to tom-toms and handcarts while predicting the end of the world? Should Gutenberg have given up on inventing the printing press because the increased need for paper led to the risk of deforestation? Obviously no. There is no absolutely virtuous progress, nor is there possible progress without DISCERNMENT in disregard of fundamental human rights. Surrounded by a team of around ten researchers, experts, scientists, Inès and DIGITAL FOR THE PLANET are multiplying initiatives, bringing together thousands of start-ups, traveling the world to give conferences. Inès deploys all her energy to convince that a digital ecology is possible... well, just possible? No ! Imperative. We will have to (very) quickly arrive at an altruistic way of life where, while remaining connected to each other, we will be able to limit, almost instinctively, the harmful effects of digital technology on the environment. Instinct is not Inès's least gift. It is perhaps even the most essential. She claims to operate a lot on instinct. Before DIGITAL FOR THE PLANET, Inès had gained a lot of experience in digital strategy serving large groups, LVMH and Kering in particular. But these titans, full of individual talents at every level, are also such heavy machines. The Titanic's lookout man had clearly seen the iceberg, but by the time the alert went down to the mechanics responsible for reversing the tide, the fatal impact had occurred. Inès knows that the future can no longer wait, here and now we must change. “Think as a strategist, act as a primitive” says one of René Char's many outbursts, this is how Inès conceives his ethics of action. After the analysis, when the time comes to act, one must have the same candor and absence of hypocrisy as an Amazon Indian, dear to the heart of Inès, with one's feet firmly on the ground without anything that There is good in us that is overwhelmed by technology. CONCRETE initiatives are underway. For example, Inès worked with American researchers on Artificial Intelligence powered by renewable energies (project called Plana). The same concept should also be able to apply to digital management in businesses and in city connections... But that's not enough! Inès founded the WOMEN INSPIRING TALKS network. As we saw with Siham (Previous Blog Portrait) Inès is also driven by this flame that nothing will extinguish so that women share equally with men the immense cake of chances and opportunities. Inès specifically turned to Africa, a continent that grabs you by the guts, where extreme despair and wars coexist with a tremendous new impetus towards greater dignity and sharing of wealth, thanks to digital technology. Her meeting with Dr. Denis Mukwege, 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner - the Congolese gynecologist who treats bruised women - deeply touched Inès. The kind of encounter that allows us not to despair of humanity. But where does this flame come from? 32 years old, barely more than 50 kilos, Inès always leaves the table hungry. She “loves food,” she says. She is rather insatiable. Born in Normandy in a cultural cauldron that would drive the ideologues of compartmentalization and withdrawal into a frenzy, Inès is a citizen of the world. Brazil with its immense contradictions, but above all its tropical culture and its nature which have not given up, is a country that makes Inès' heart beat. And then... our France, the France of Enlightenment. Pragmatic Inès is indeed a business school graduate, but languages, including Mandarin! and literature are his real passports to elsewhere. One day soon she will publish something. I don't know any more, but I bet it will be about humanism and that Flaubert will have inspired it:
Broaden your horizon and you will breathe more easily. Embark on a trip around the world. Otherwise, take a trip around the world in your room.
Study what you do not doubt:
* letter from Gustave Flaubert to his friend Marie-Sophie. June 6, 1857, not a wrinkle!

Nib: CH

The main trait of your character?

Foodie, I love food!

What quality do you prefer in a man/woman?


Your main fault?


Your favorite occupation (passion)?


Your dream of happiness?

A glass cube in the middle of the forest. With my children and my darling. Aigle boots and books.

The country where you would like to live?

Brazil, country of heart.

For what ? I lived there. People are terribly in love with everything.

Rio is one of the rare cities where nature has retained all its rights

Your favorite book?

Interstellar, I'm a Nolan fan.

The 1001 Nights, a well of Sciences.

Double violin concerto by Bach.

Your hero or heroine?

Batman: he has no superpower, his fear becomes his strength .

The gift of nature that you would like to have?

Power of entanglement (being in two “states” at the same time) .

Your current state of mind?

Dreamer but pragmatic!

The Fault that inspires you the most indulgence?

Having overplayed out of overconfidence.

Your motto?

A misunderstanding can always happen...

What is the mantra that suits you the most in our collections:

Together Stronger: I have a great team.

I did a lot of rowing, you have to be synchronized, the whole team is one person .

What does our inspiration inspire you? Mister k brand. ?


What would you like to say, advise, to people who discover you today?

Read a lot.