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Dream big

I'm telling you today why this new collection is called that, always with the idea of ​​telling you about this famous sequel , this dream which becomes possible, that of having undertaken but above all of creating my brand of clothing and dare, with this sincerity, this commitment, which are dear to me, because beauty can be found everywhere.

Questioning in my head, a few months ago a flash, I finally launched into a real clothing brand, without hiding behind my little fingers, because my job for 10 years has been to design clothes (after having worked for different houses over many years, some of which I think you know very well).

Why didn't I start before Mister k. doesn't cross my path violently..? because at the time I thought I was a good performer, in reality fear dominated me and prevented me from seeing that deep within me an entrepreneurial spirit lay dormant. It is with this same apprehension, these same doubts, but full of adrenaline, that Mister k. took shape, starting with our bracelets , our sweatshirts which have become iconic and then telling me one day: "but Charlotte you are not just an activist survivor, you don't only know how to make sweatshirts, you are above all a stylist, a fan of fashion, of beauty, so there it is, it’s time.”

This spring/summer collection is called “dream big” because my dream is to dream very big and to dare, and over time, my story of resilience also resonates through all these mantras that have so much meaning, and give, I believe, a lot. Our messages lull us and motivate us, on certain models they become discreet but proud, for this launch, like a hidden talisman, just for us. Little by little, I hope, to give way to a complete line, a hyper desirable wardrobe that is always committed obviously because it is this commitment that gives life to my projects. The time has come to occupy a place in the competitive world of fashion, with a more unique and hyper-sincere way of doing things.

Come dream big and discover all our models, made with always so much love, in our workshops in Portugal, Poland, Bali, here! Pre-orders have also been online since last week, we advise you to use our “size advice” section under each product sheet for help.

Discover this evening our very pretty collab with Sézane, designed for Mother's Day. With Sezane , as some know, it's been a story of the heart for a long time now, 5 years, so proud to celebrate this moment... Thank you @morganesezalory and Co for your unfailing support, your kindness since we met. Their success is not a coincidence, people like them are rare and precious, and I believe that my entrepreneurial ambitions have very clearly been influenced by their communicative energy, their way of seeing life. Thank you for being you don't change anything.

Everything is said, Get ready, it is thanks to you that everything is taking shape, it took longer than expected to hatch, but here we are, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will like this collection . Thank you for your attention and your precious trust, have a nice evening. Charlotte