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make something beautiful

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Convinced that fashion that has meaning could live on the same street, in the same village, on the same planet and that it could be beautiful on top of everything!

The collections

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True affordable luxury that lasts

A committed wardrobe is essential in our eyes, but by combining our passion for beauty, cut, details, all enhanced with our know-how, it's even better!
Ideal cuts, often inspired by men's wardrobe, terribly feminine, developed by ourselves from start to finish of the chain.
Charlotte, the founder, designs all the models and chooses each material carefully, thanks to her training as a graduate stylist from Studio Berçot. Then comes the turn of Jean-Michel, our favorite pattern maker, who develops all our fabrics and patterns in Paris.
Each cut is carefully studied, each season improved, having few but having perfect, timeless ones is one of our promises.



Elegance is a question of attitude.

Each cut is carefully studied, each season improved, having few but having perfect, timeless ones is one of our promises.


From design to cutting, to manufacturing, then distribution, no intermediary, all our locker rooms on reservation or in stock are sold exclusively on our website.
Fair prices all year round, because true affordable luxury exists, we always explain it to you, on each product on the site, without ever lying.
A timeless wardrobe, which is best told by those who do it!

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LES Image


Why the locker room?

Because each month it will consist of 10 “flagship” pieces to reserve, called our ideal cuts, such as for example, the essential 4-button double-breasted blazer ALBERT, the irreplaceable VICTOR shirt, the perfect straight pants called ZWEIG, our three-piece coat -RICHARDS quarters, all embellished with more feminine pieces such as the MAX long dress, our HARDY short skirt or the OPRAH blouse.
When you find the perfect cut with us, all you have to do is let yourself be tempted and carried away by its variations according to the reservations.

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Make something beautiful, with something very beautiful.

When these famous cuts are validated after a first reservation, they will enter our “iconic wardrobe” in stock, to be made in qualities sourced with “zero waste”.


All this to create a timeless wardrobe that will accompany you for a long time. That's not all, creating beauty is good, but doing it well then, what does that mean? (to discover below)

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