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Isabelle Thomas

Today I present to you Isabelle [Thomas]

Some of you had the chance to meet her at the opening of our Dream Big Factory. Isabelle led a workshop dedicated to your clothing appearance... only in appearance, because behind this veil, it is about embracing the vast universe of behavioral psychology to find the paths that lead to self-esteem. Isabelle is a scout guide on these paths.

For 10 years she has been a personal stylist and therapist specializing in self-image.

Like Alice in Wonderland, Isabelle gently helps women and men to reconcile their image with the views of others and their own.

The 18th century invented the boudoirs, intimate rooms arranged between the living room with its corseted standards and the bedroom with all the secret gardens. This is where the ladies put on their second skin in the morning and then took it off in the evening. This place was therefore conducive to confidences, escapes and affirmation of their condition.

Nothing, all in all, has changed, it is now called a wardrobe. Only one thing has changed in truth, it is within everyone's reach.

You can already see why we, at Mister K, have so much affinity with Isabelle.

Clothes are not just a hedonistic futility or a functionality against the cold, the heat, day or night, but a second skin which will envelop you to better glide on the wave of everyday life, the one which carries as many joys as sorrows, constraints, prejudices, competition and judgments of others, but also some shared moments of grace.

On this wave, Isabelle's credo is “only look like yourself”.

In these times of standardization and mass market, it is so pleasing to hear a gentle voice convince us that we all, without exception, have a uniqueness that makes us beautiful.

But Isabelle's voice and style are irresistible. Leave your anti-stress essential oil of passionflower in the cupboard, and let yourself be guided by Isabelle's voice, in front of your wardrobe, on video, in a shopping session, in a conference, in personalized advice for managers... so many situations where Isabelle gives the full measure of his singular talent.

Few are those who are naturally gifted with benevolence which invites introspection, gently, through the layers of prohibitions or inhibition which prevent us from simply being ourselves. Isabelle has this gift and has made it her profession which touches the frontiers of psychotherapy. Finally, there is no question of borders. It is in fact only a question of sharing lived experiences in the fertile exploration of all the life paths of its clients... I almost said its patients, that would not have been a slip of the tongue.

It's no coincidence that two happy cats occupy Isabelle's space. The God Shiva is said to have given cats 9 lives, to celebrate all their singularities, including knowing how to thwart the blows of fate by always landing on their feet. Isabelle has already had several lives.

Started in Nancy, her life could have been slowed down by unhealthy shyness, but a miracle of serendipity - I know what I'm talking about - the good fairies took her under their wings. Her mother above all, who created eccentric clothes with her and for her; then the beautiful escapes in writing, reading, drawing, listening to the voices of others on the radio.

At twenty years old, Isabelle's path goes through the Higher Institute of Journalism. Here it is launched.

Radio France Lorraine, Skyrock, television film screenwriter, journalist (Biba, Jeune & Jolie)… a whirlwind? No ! walk on a flowery path where beautiful encounters spark others and where projects come to fruition.

The common thread that connects all these lives has not changed: daring to be different in the middle of the magma, ignoring diktats, having fun, reaching out to others, seeking an echo.

Today, our solar jack-of-all-trades is:

  • “You're so French, Cultivate your style”, “You're so French Men”, “So Shoes”, the guides to elegance and allure, published with photographer Frédérique Veysset, which are “a hit” as we say, in more than 15 countries. [Editions de la Martinière],
  • The book “My Ideal Wardrobe” which gives all the keys to getting your desires out of your closet and giving it some pep (Solar edition).
  • The Personal Mode blog which provides clothing advice and much beyond, addressing behavioral psychology.
  • Personal Stylist activities
  • The Podcast where women and men come to talk about the very special bond that connects them to a personal item of clothing with a semblance of futility which is only a light veil thrown over one's deep self.

Isabelle will not stop there.

Sometimes fatigue overcomes her, doubt perhaps? So, neither one nor two, she leaves for her island in the middle of nowhere “between the sky and the water”. In northern France, there is a secret place, so close and so far, at the same time, from Paris, in the middle of a river, without water or electricity, where our navigator takes refuge from time to time, alone in the world. . You should never lose the oars of the rudimentary shuttle, otherwise there will be no return. Isabelle always returned peacefully from her island.

On his, Robinson Crusoe proclaimed that “true greatness consists in being yourself”.