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Audrey Fitzjohn

What is your connection with Charlotte - Mister k., how did you learn about the brand?

I knew Charlotte at the very beginning of the Mister K. adventure with the boxes and then fashion, I have been following her all this time with great pleasure.

What is Mister k. represents for you?

Mister K. represents the marriage of style and quality, attention to detail and perfect cuts. It's a bit of an echo of fashion "before" when we chose a garment carefully, because it would last both in terms of its quality and its timelessness.

The piece Mister k. what do you dream of succumbing to?

The Brooke silk skirt with floral print.

Your bedside book?

At the moment I'm reading "La Vie en Relief" , Delerm's latest book. I'm a very big fan of Delerm, his writing makes me feel good, and I find myself in his contemplative nature.

Our mantra that suits you best?

Dream Big, I always have dreams bigger than me, more or less crazy projects which are the spice of my daily life. I've been dreaming big for a very long time and it's allowed me to experience some very unique and extraordinary things. It's also a state of mind that I try to bring to life for my children, it's beautiful to dream very big and not limit yourself.

What are the 3/4 “zero waste” tips that you apply on a daily basis?

Living in the countryside is an invitation to simplify everything, consume less, get closer to nature and find simple sources of happiness. I do my shopping at the market, I get on my bike for long walks, luckily I love antiquing and it's a very good way to furnish and decorate your home using things that already exist. In terms of fashion, I have especially changed the way I consume, I prefer to invest in beautiful pieces of very good quality which are real favorites and which I will keep for many years, the natural consequences are that I buy much much less and that I no longer take the trouble to get dressed because I love everything that is in my wardrobe.

A podcast to recommend to us?

I don't listen to it anymore at the moment because I've been around a bit... on the other hand, France Inter in the morning, I love it.  

Your dream destination for a rejuvenating weekend in France? (For what ?)

We loved Lacanau this winter, it reminded us a lot of the atmosphere of New Zealand where we lived for 10 years.

Your favorite IG account of the moment?

I love Fabrice Luchini's account on which he reads texts, poems and shares his prose. He is a great, completely unique artist, an intellectual who has the gift of taking us with him into his fantasy, it is a real chance to have such contemporary characters.

Your favorite quote ?

I have too much!!!

"Everything has meaning. Everything is justified."
- EE Schmitt, The Night of Fire.

“and to understand in a more intuitive way that it is in the void that the true meaning of life is revealed, that nothing means everything”
-Axel Vervoordt.

“It is because inspiration is superhuman that we must believe it. It is because it is mysterious that we must listen to it. It is because it seems obscure that it is luminous. "
-Victor Hugo.