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Marie Faure

When she is not supporting brands in their digital communication, or traveling the world to discover new spots with her husband and 3 children, Marie organizes timeless yoga escapes, writes articles that make us dream and offers us a range of products with inspiring messages. In short, this mompreneur (you have to say what it is!) has more than one string to her bow and we hope to quickly discover the latest one, the famous Maison Réveillon.

What is your connection with Charlotte - Mister k., how did you learn about the brand?

5 years ago, the son of one of my best friends had leukemia. I didn't know how to talk to her about it accurately, how to help her... After some research I came across Charlotte's very first blog and I passed it on to her. It also allowed me to communicate better with her, to use the right words... I ended up sending a message to Charlotte to thank her and since then we have followed our respective paths!

What is Mister k. represents for you?

This is an impressive development. From the activist t-shirt with mantra to today's complete wardrobe. To have made yourself known and to have transformed the brand by continuing to spread these messages of hope is brilliant! It is also, for me, a brand of super good basics to mix.

The piece Mister k. what do you dream of succumbing to?

I dress rather boyish, so clearly an Albert blazer and a Victor shirt!

Your bedside book?

At the moment I'm reading this brilliant book - The Birth of a Father, by Alexandre Lacroix - written by a father of 5 children who talks about fatherhood and all that it entails. We are more often used to reading mothers' stories, here he unpacks everything and it feels good!

Our mantra that suits you best?

I have always been inspired by Dream Big!

What are the 3/4 “zero waste” tips that you apply on a daily basis?

With friends we have created a sort of virtuous loop where we pass on the clothes of our children who are all different ages. This allows you to consume less and make repairs easier. I also got into the habit of buying cereals, pasta, rice, etc. in bulk.

A podcast to recommend to us?

Bliss, the great podcast from my friend Clémentine on pregnancy and childbirth. And of course The Little Yoga School, the one I launched with my friend Agnès, a yoga teacher, which allows children to develop their concentration and express their emotions through yoga classes.

Your dream destination for a rejuvenating weekend in France? (For what ?)

Without hesitation Les Sources de Cheverny, which has just opened near the Châteaux de la Loire. A great restaurant, delicious wine from the estate and the Caudalie spa which we really need in these strange times.

PS: Obviously it's when I'm not enjoying my dream country house, Maison Réveillon!

Your favorite IG account of the moment?

Margaux Motin, this very funny designer who is releasing a new comic book, The Next Spring . I think it's good to see funny illustrations in this world that is sometimes a little too instant perfect...

Your canteen at lunchtime? Or your favorite spot for a dinner with friends?

If I have an appointment in the South of Paris I go to Kodawari Tsukiji, this Japanese restaurant which takes us directly into the atmosphere of the famous Tokyo fish market. If I'm in the North, head to Gros Bao, the 350 m2 Chinese canteen to die for.

Your favorite quote ?

“Let the dream devour your life so that life does not devour your dream.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

In our fast-paced daily life and the obligations that punctuate our days, it's sometimes good to remember what our dreams were originally!