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Margaux Avril

She is a curious and hypersensitive “jack of all trades”. And we find a bit of all that in his songs, his photos and his career. While waiting to return to the studios soon, Margaux is working on her photography site on which you can find her work, her inspirations, her mood boards, her meetings and more... At the same time, this passionate Franco-American does communications consulting digitally for Maison Matisse, Cotton Bird and many others. In short, Margaux has millions of desires and only hopes to have the time to realize them all!

What is your connection with Charlotte - Mister k., how did you learn about the brand?

By word of mouth, some time ago. I discovered Charlotte, her journey, her commitment and her values ​​which spoke to me. I appreciate his determination and his philosophy of life. During confinement she broached the subject of hypersensitivity which particularly affected me and we talked a lot about it.

What is Mister k. represents for you?

It's more than a brand, it's strong values ​​of respect, combativeness, trust, risk-taking... But it's also quality materials and timeless pieces, all in a zero waste approach.

The piece Mister k. what do you dream of succumbing to?

I'm dreaming of the Ariane & Marcel suit in smooth forest green velvet or a Dylan sweater! I find myself completely in the Mister k locker room. composed of basics that we can twist and wear in different ways, and which last over time!

Your bedside book?

Self-portrait at the radiator by Christian Bobin. He's an author that I adore. It is a sort of diary that is both poetic and dramatic. And La vie avant soi by Romain Gary, I read it when I was young but it left an impression on me.

Our mantra that suits you best?

Wild… I'm quite spontaneous and don't necessarily fit into a box, I let myself be guided by instinct in my private and professional life.

What are the 3/4 “zero waste” tips that you apply on a daily basis?

So, I use my coffee grounds to make a scrub! I now only buy glass bottles that I recycle into gourds, carafes or vases, and I also cook leftovers, often taking inspiration from the site quefaireavec.com.

A podcast to recommend to us?

I really like Remedy for Melancholy on France Inter and Le Goût de M. On another note, I have a friend who created Prude , a podcast on sex with very uninhibited testimonies, to listen to alone or as a couple!    

Your dream destination for a rejuvenating weekend in France? (For what ?)

Difficult to choose! Seeing the sea always has a magical and incomparable effect. I am completely in love with the Mediterranean, but Brittany also has something very strong, almost mystical. I would say Les Bords de Mer in Marseille or the Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay in a very Harry Potter spirit!

Your favorite IG account of the moment?

This one from @maison_matisse who is one of my clients! And @palmheightsgc for a good dose of sunshine.

Your canteen at lunchtime? Or your favorite spot for a dinner with friends?

Augustin Marchand d'vins just down from my house in the 6th, only good fresh products to snack on or Le Petit Suisse, a typical bistro where the waiters are adorable! And I recently went to Mieux in the 9th, it was delicious!

Your favorite quote ?

One from this famous author:

“The two great powers of the world are audacity and love. They go hand in hand. Audacity helps love, and love is a school of audacity. You gave me the example of the audacity to love. »
- Christian Bobin.

And another that makes me think of our conversations with Charlotte:

“I am gifted with an absurd sensitivity. What scratches others tears my heart”
- Gustave Flaubert.