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Lucile Battail

Lucile, Pharmacy doctor

Creator of the Laboté brand

Graduated from the Paris-Descartes Faculty of Pharmacy

Lucile has always loved creating her own “magic potions”. Even when she was very young, she spent her time concocting and experimenting with mixtures of flowers, leaves and soil before testing them on her sisters.

Both intrigued and fascinated by nature, she decided to pursue the field of pharmacy, organic chemistry option, studies that allow her to realize what drives her on a daily basis: inventing, transforming and innovating.

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@laboteparis to discover behind the scenes behind the brand's products and interviews with skin therapists who provide their best advice!

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Running and yoga!

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“How to choose the right cosmetics for healthy skin” produced with the Epycure brand.

Laboté embodies and promotes a new cosmetic model, the opposite of mass production, to put an end to over-consumption. Each of our treatments is created to measure and on demand in our Parisian laboratories. Thanks to our skin diagnosis, our Pharmacy Doctors develop a unique and tailor-made formula, rich in medicinal plants listed in the European Pharmacopoeia. The treatments are then formulated on demand in our Parisian laboratories. An ultra-short circuit that preserves the freshness of our botanical active ingredients for naturally effective treatments.

2014: The click. Laboté is the result of a simple and yet unequivocal observation: that of the ineffectiveness of cosmetic products. During my 6 years at the pharmacy counter, I was confronted with the reality on the ground: a large majority of my customers did not find cream for their skin, just like me. We were victims of standardized and therefore ineffective formulas. I also became frightened when I analyzed the composition of the formulas, full of substances harmful to health and the environment. Faced with this alarming report, revolutionizing the manufacturing of cosmetics was an obligation for me. The way current cosmetics are manufactured does not satisfy me, I decided to create my own creams. It took me two years of research and development at the Paris pharmacy faculty where I was studying, before finding THE right formulation. The one that allows me to make a cream in 5 minutes where I can add as many plant active ingredients as I want while still wanting to have the ability to vary its texture. Several hundred attempts were necessary before finding the perfect formula, which took into account all the constraints that I had set for myself.

2016: The patent is filed and 1 year later, the real adventure begins…

2020: Adaptation of the brand through the health crisis. The entire team adapted very quickly in order to continue to take care of our customers in the best conditions. Convinced that every gesture counts, we have also implemented several solidarity initiatives. For example, solidarity newsletters to support meaningful associations and initiatives. We have also made our raw materials available to hospitals and distributed to traders and service providers a cleaning solution that we designed in our laboratory.

Tips to better understand this period: Continue to take care of yourself and make time for simple pleasures.

Dreams for the future, what we can wish you, what you dream of for 2021: Growing awareness of waste. Every gesture counts! We must consume less, but better.

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