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When I tell you that at Mister K. everything is made with love and sincerity, the transparency that I tirelessly claim would not be complete if I did not introduce you to José, who has trusted me since day one, when I launched our first sweatshirt in June 2016.

When you start out, there are many constraints to which you must comply, the first quite obvious, the lack of means and therefore of being able to mass produce, as the big brands can do (one of the answers I give to some people who found our prices high, we do not produce - not yet - 500 pieces per month, our production is around 40 pieces at each launch, our manufacturing prices are therefore significantly higher, cqfd).

This is where José arrived like a benevolent savior almost 2 years ago. Getting into fashion was my dream but I didn't have the means to launch the regulatory minimum of 150 pieces that factories normally require. José believed in me/us and automatically agreed to try it alongside us on very small productions.

“Slow fashion” is trendy, but we don’t talk enough about those who work behind the scenes and strive to make our brands beautiful, fairly priced and desirable.

Today, it seems essential to me to pay tribute to him and put a face to his name, so that you know who is hiding behind your favorite sweatshirt / t-shirt, it's great José, who roams the entire countryside of Porto in his Berlingo utility vehicle for us, and satisfy my many wishes ;) At the wheel of his racing car, José sets off in search of our material in a first factory which is always the same, then rushes into a 2nd (20km further) in the workshop for cutting the pieces, once they have been cut out, he takes everything well packaged / ironed back to the embroiderer or printer to place our cherished mantras on it (20 new km). As soon as they are ready, head to assembly, in small workshops where 3 women with nimble fingers begin the making. And tadaaam we sew our labels, hang the labels and wrap each product in its pouch; José fills his trunk, returns to his office, and carefully prepares the boxes to send them to us.

It is thanks to José, behind the wheel of his all-terrain Berlingo, and thanks to his inexhaustible energy, that you can proudly wear our iconic models which have so much meaning, and it seems even more so to me when you know how they are made.

So a huge thank you, José, because yes it would undoubtedly have been simpler to go through a big factory that does everything in the same place, yes you sometimes make mistakes (sometimes really annoying) in our productions, we can sometimes even yell at each other very, very loudly ahah, but without you we would never have been able to get started, and then today the pride we take from it is even greater, because with José it's a a story of trust like everything we do. With the 3000km per month on the odometer of our coach we are certainly not “green” enough but we employ more than ten people, and each has a well-known face, which helps us combine fashion and sincere commitment.

Moral of this story, always this famous story of traces, never forget where we come from, and who trusted us when we were at the very beginning and very small.

Well, I would also really like to introduce you to Suzanne, who makes our bracelets in a fabulous workshop in Bali, but I haven't had the chance to go there yet (and there's no shortage of desire, soon I 'hope)!