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#8 Mathilde Lacombe - Happiness Therapist -desktop #8 Mathilde Lacombe - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#8 Mathilde Lacombe - Happiness Therapist

Mathilde, 32 years old

Co-founder of Aime

Confined to Reims

✔️ Your IG account to follow:

@goodnews_movement makes a change from anxiety-provoking news and information!

✔️ Your personal “escape” favorite of the moment:

Pinterest, I look at sublime houses, it makes me want decoration and travel ;)

✔️ 1 podcast to listen to:

How I build this . On entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs overcome challenges.

✔️ Your current activity:

A little bit of everything ! I try as much as possible to take the positive out of all of this and therefore do things that I would not have had the opportunity/time to do normally.

Aime reinvents skincare. We are the first brand to offer an inside & out approach with our probiotic-based food supplements and a simplified care routine.

Many major key milestones have been achieved at Aime in 18 months ;-) Bringing the food supplement up to date! It is a very traditional market which had not yet been digitalized. So the simple fact of daring to take the plunge was a big step for us.

Then opened our first store last June. Then the entry into Sephora in February, we are the first food supplement brand to enter stores at Sephora. A mark of confidence in our vision and approach!

When the lockdown was announced, I followed my instinct as I often do. We chose to focus on content creation more than on the commercial aspect. As a consumer/customer, this is what I want to see. We have set up live shows every day to do good for the body and mind. Just like our brand and our values!

For the moment we are living day by day, I believe that this is one of the lessons that we must learn from what we are going through.

It's impossible to give advice at this time because it's so new for everyone, so I think everyone is doing the best they can. I don't know what awaits us and no one knows. For me the strength of an entrepreneur is his instinct, his power of creativity. So now is the time to use it.

My Mister k mantras are: Dream Big and Hope. I am quite positive and optimistic by nature so I know that we will come out stronger.

I dream of simple things for afterwards: a walk in a park with the children, a drink on the terrace...!


Pen: Mathilde Lacombe