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#4 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old
Mister k's pen.
Mom with good ideas

“The more we share, the more we have. That’s the miracle.”
—Leonard Nimoy—

Your good plans to follow:

@burgerquiz Because Alain Chabat is my idol and to invent a game like this, you really have to have a grain...I replay the best moments of Burger Quiz and I admit to having made a good score in the Burger of Death special Covid-19...
Do you see your meal tickets piling up while waiting for your (distant) return to the office? What if you instead sent them to Samusocial, which is launching a call for donations in this form to help the homeless, in these even more difficult times for them... For more information, click here.

@wiloandgrove This new generation art gallery with accessible works, which I would like to be able to cover my walls, has been adapting its Instagram content for 3 weeks. Every day she offers arty tips, stories from those in confinement and above all, new anecdotes on the greatest works of history delivered by THE specialist in modern art!

Your current favorites:

@evasion_maison Well-being, cooking, sport, DIY….we see a plethora of ideas to pass the time indoors. These 4 bloggers have made a summary of tips full of sweetness and joie de vivre to keep us busy when we are stuck between 4 walls, with or without children, work or motivation!
@alameredefamille has found something to entertain you, occupy your children and perhaps gorge yourself on delicious chocolates for Easter. The dream ! So we print our egg, color it, decorate and adorn it with whatever we have on hand and cross our fingers to be one of the 5 winners!

We will look for the eggs, even when confined! For troop morale, we found a variation of the egg hunt, in an apartment! Hide the eggs so that they are all slightly visible. The children must then count, without touching them, the number of eggs found in each room and note them discreetly on a sheet of paper. Whoever comes closest to the actual number is the winner. And he has the right to 10 seconds in advance to go looking for everyone else!
While waiting for Easter, you can also go on a treasure hunt with the whole family and ask that everyone brings back something in a given time: sweet, yellow, glittery sweet, that makes you happy, foam, was given to you, etc. ...


This week we therefore think of brotherhood rather than isolation and we delve into the tribulations of this group of four friends from their arrival in New York after their studies, to their current brilliant careers. We are particularly interested in the complicated and painful life and childhood of one of them through his feelings and those of his friends of whom he is the pivot and of which we discover the details scattered throughout the book. Male friendship, physical and mental suffering, tenderness...everything is not light, of course, but everything is poignant in the life journeys of this inseparable quartet. JB, Malcolm, Willem and Jude keep us in suspense until the end, which is saying something when you know that the novel is more than 800 pages long... You have a few free evenings ahead of you, right?

A life like any other - Hanya Yanagihara

While we are being told about social distancing and barrier gestures, how can we maintain more or less close contact with those around us during confinement? The situation we are in pushes us to reinvent conviviality to avoid isolation. His own on the one hand, but above all that of the elderly or the poor. But we have this strength, in the face of adversity, to know how to connect with others and show solidarity, which has already been proven in recent weeks. We will therefore continue in this momentum and must, while respecting the instructions, develop a certain social “proximity”. This will sometimes involve a virtual and non-physical rapprochement, but for once we cannot be blamed for being on our screens too much. This will also involve attention and gestures that may be less spontaneous than usual but of which you will be so proud. So drop off a small dish for your elderly neighbor in the 3rd arrondissement, call your grandfather for news, become a volunteer for “friendship calls” for isolated elderly people, offer to the caregiver in the 5th arrondissement to do some shopping for them. while he works to save us, rediscover the taste for writing and send children's letters and drawings to your parents who are not very good with new technology, have a house party with your single friend for an aperitif worthy of the name... In short, show your loved ones that you are well, that you are thinking of them, that they don't see it but that you are there, ready to help them, on your own level. This will certainly bring you as much comfort as it did them.

Feather: White

#stay at home
Astrid and I have decided to donate 5% on each sale of our cloakroom committed to the APHP Coronavirus covid19 emergency fund, these donations will take into account all sales made since March 1st (therefore including those of your purchases at Pop Up). This emergency fund has just been created within the AP-HP Foundation to quickly unlock additional resources to support hospital staff and advance research. To learn more, it's here !