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#6 Blanche - Happiness Therapist-desktop #6 Blanche - Happiness Therapist-mobile

#6 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old
Mister k's pen.
Mom with good ideas

“Once the storm passes, you will wonder how you managed to get through it, how you managed to survive. Be sure of one thing: once you weather this storm, you will never be the same.”
Haruki Murakami

Your good plans to follow:

@thanksfor.nothing a new artistic initiative, and what's more, solidarity, aimed at helping those for whom home does not rhyme with security...A t-shirt displaying the right thought of a poet, whose Profits will be entirely donated to associations supporting these confined women...

@megandcook when she's not traveling the world, Mégane cooks. And what happens on his plates is as beautiful as it is delicious! Tikka Massala, lemon bergamot Bundt cake or Pavlova with exotic fruits, the choice is yours...And if you don't have the motivation, lose yourself in these aesthetic and appetizing photos.

While the very idea of ​​traveling still seems far away...We listen to these stories of travelers telling us about their incredible journeys around the world. We plug in our headphones and immerse ourselves in this intimate and unique experience which gives us the audible impression of being with them in the middle of nature. The Others podcastis here .

Your current favorites:

At this rather unusual start to spring, we found something to beautify our interiors - where we spend so much time - and keep our children busy - which we always welcome - by printing these sublime flowers to reproduce very easily on your windows . A little touch of freshness!

For a month now, the divine and spontaneous Selah Sue has been playing and singing live every 3 days, enchanting children's lullabies on the guitar, then moving on to her own creations for 30 minutes of sweet and warm music.

What if we played a family game to relax? Find a nice spot, ideally outdoors, but indoors is obviously good too, and sit down. Take 5 deep inhales and exhales. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Open your eyes and observe your body, what you feel….Now write or draw what you perceived. Do this in a different place every day and disconnect for a few moments from this particular rhythm of life.


This week, we put down our book and sit comfortably in front of our screen.

We travel and learn, diving into the Amazon rainforest in the 18th century. We follow these Spanish Jesuits determined to protect and convert the Guarani Indians to the Christian religion.
We admire the dedication of a priest, joined by a former slave hunter, who leads these missions which soon became unwanted...And we observe them each defending these people in their own way until the end. We (re)discover this terrible but real drama of the time, taking place a stone's throw from the Iguazu Falls and these breathtaking landscapes.

In short, here we are embarked on a 2-hour historical reconstruction, all punctuated by the exceptional and immersive soundtrack by Ennio Morricone...A marvel!

Mission - Roland Joffe


How to help during confinement?

Since the start of confinement, we have seen many solidarity initiatives flourish and we can only welcome them. It's true that there are moments in life, like this, when we want to be useful. However, it is not easy to lend a helping hand while respecting health safety measures. So how can we help, on our scale, those who take risks for us, who are the most fragile or the most isolated?
Here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas for helping each other.

  • The first thing we can do is to stay at home. The medical profession will never tell us enough, it is by staying at home that we help them the most!
  • Write a letter to isolated people in nursing homes. Thanks to 1 letter 1 smile , we write a few words online, we add a photo of ourselves or pretty landscapes and we make the happiness of a person who has not been able to receive visitors for weeks already. And it also works with a child's drawing!
  • Make donations: for research , for women victims of violence confined at home, for hospitals , the homeless in danger and so on... Many associations are mobilizing more than ever to help all those who find themselves even more fragile during this period. So here is a way to help them remotely.
  • Offer your apartment on Appart Solidaire and make it available to caregivers so that they can be accommodated free of charge near hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
  • Become a volunteer to collect shopping for your elderly neighbors, call isolated people, look after the children of caregivers... These are all the acts of solidarity that can be responded to on mutual aid platforms such as the civic reserve or On the front line .
  • Cook ! Prepare - while respecting strict hygiene measures - cakes or complete meals if you can manage at all in the kitchen. And deliver them, or have them delivered to caregivers to give them a little strength during their endless days.

And so many more...
In short, it’s up to us!

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