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#3 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -desktop #3 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#3 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old
Mister k's pen.
Mom with good ideas

“People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together.”
—Michelle Obama—

Your good plans to follow:
When the very funny and very friendly@Peggy Frey launches a #fuckcoronavirus challenge which allows us to have some futile fun for a few moments, we play the game... We mix all the most colorful and crazy pieces from her wardrobe and send her our outfit anti-gloom that she reposts with humor!
Because we really need it right now, @LesBellesNouvelles gives us positive, verified information every day about our planet. We've been reviewing all of their posts over the past few months and we've come away full of hope and unfailing optimism!
When I need to disconnect 5 minutes after having submitted 5 articles, read 7 Little Brown Bears, lost 3 times at Uno, baked (and eaten) a batch of cookies, and had the alphabet written 12 times, I cry laugh at the episodes of @I Never Understood Why by Sach & Gas while impatiently waiting for the next one...
Your current favorites:
What if we took the opportunity to learn to draw? When in addition the teacher is @ Soledadbravi and the models are the great specialists in confinement (in all irony), we ask for more! We find his tutorials on his Instagram page and we give endless humorous pencil strokes.

@Stam.paris This little shop in the 14th arrondissement is one of my favorite canteens. So obviously, when the owner goes into the kitchen with her children to make some of the best recipes on their menu, I follow her instructions to the letter….
@JeanLouisAubert A smile from ear to ear, a few barely visible marks of time and a lot of generosity... that's what we see when we watch this great French singer cover his most beautiful pieces on the guitar story of brighten up our daily lives a little.

Do not be fooled by the fact that these beliefs were brought to light by Mexican shamans, they could lose all credibility in your eyes... However, the keys given to you in this collection to read and reread are certainly simple, but definitely a great help in freeing ourselves from all the emotional poisons that we tend to inflict on ourselves and therefore on others. We make four agreements with ourselves: Let your word be impeccable - Never make it a personal matter - Do not make assumptions - Always do your best - And we try to put them into practice on a daily basis thanks to concrete and simple data given by the author. If we are not in the habit of listening to ourselves and working on ourselves, we take advantage of this special moment to absorb the few mantras and advice given to us here, in order to understand the world more serenely, and it's not luxury.

The four Toltec agreements - Miguel Ruiz

I wonder what is the first thing we will do when we come out of this confinement and this crisis. For my part, I don't know if it won't take me a little time to leave my bubble and this little family cocoon that we have created for ourselves... It is true that as we speak, we are unable to know when exactly we will emerge from this isolation, but it costs nothing to dream of everything that awaits us afterwards and of the way in which we will react when we finally have the right to set foot outside... If at all that we did not suffer too much during this period which seemed interminable to us. Will we rush forward without thinking, meet up with our friends and families so missed during these long weeks, drink thousands of glasses of rosé on the terrace as if nothing had happened, to celebrate this return to normal life which will coincide with the arrival summer? It's tempting...But will reunion kisses and hugs really be in order? Will you rush to put down your roots, stand around in front of the school, enroll in medical school, resign, delegate all family meals to the Chinese caterer down the street from you, reserve plays for the next six months, will you move or jump on the first train to see the sea? So tell us, what’s the first thing you’ll do next?

Feather: White

#stay at home
Astrid and I have decided to donate 5% on each sale of our cloakroom committed to the APHP Coronavirus covid19 emergency fund, these donations will take into account all sales made since March 1st (therefore including those of your purchases at Pop Up). This emergency fund has just been created within the AP-HP Foundation to quickly unlock additional resources to support hospital staff and advance research. To learn more, it's here !