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#7 Benoit - Happiness Therapist -desktop #7 Benoit - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#7 Benoit - Happiness Therapist

Benoit, 32 years old

Co-founder of BonneGueule

In charge of technical/editorial aspects

✔️ Your IG account to follow:

@Mr.Slowboy , very talented freelance designer, especially if you like the Ivy League.

✔️ Your personal “escape” favorite of the moment:

Do deep dives on backpacks, Japanese jewelry, outdoor jackets, and read about spirituality.

✔️ 1 podcast to listen to:

“Enterprise in fashion” of course! Or Yaniro 's podcast.

✔️ Your confinement activity?

Sport, stretching, reading and of course, a few films!

BonneGueule first started as an independent media on men's fashion, in 2017. Then we transformed into a full-fledged clothing brand, around a daily wardrobe and focused on very beautiful materials. With an economic model without intermediaries which allows us to offer luxury quality at competitive prices.

2007: creation of the media, with independent content, without sponsored articles and without affiliation (this is still the case today), with an approach centered on pedagogy and kindness

2011: start of monetization with the sale of an electronic book (PDF) at €27 for 200 pages, an innovative way of monetizing a men's fashion site at the time

2012: we get a foothold in clothing sales by collaborating with clothing brands

2014: launch of our clothing line on the web

2015: opening of our first store in Paris

2016: opening of our store in Lyon + first fundraising

2017: opening of our store in Bordeaux

2019: opening of our second store in Paris

2020: (if all goes well) opening of a store in Lille

The announcement of the confinement was half a surprise. We had to close the physical stores, and above all, adapt the entire organization of the company. The first two weeks were very busy in that regard. Then we adapted the editorial line, and we wanted to maintain proximity with our community with one or two weekly lives.

I think that the recovery will happen very gradually, and that we will have to be very reassuring for customers in stores and paradoxically maintain a real relationship of trust and proximity with them. I also think that this crisis will make everyone think about their way of consuming... And I think that will be very positive!

My mantra would be: I am Titanium, in reference to the song by David Guetta :)

In these circumstances, if I had to give some advice to other entrepreneurs:

  • To have a plan! Not to remain frozen in the face of the crisis, but to be in the movement!
  • Deciding to focus only on the things you can control, there is no point in letting yourself be polluted all day long by information that goes around in a loop
  • Focus on what matters: What really matters to me? To maintain the launches? To take more time to work on them? The link with the community?
  • The rhythm of our days is changing, and paradoxically now is the time to think about big fundamental questions, including business.
  • “Panic is bad, over reaction is good.”

This confinement is an opportunity for an inner journey that we will have little opportunity to make afterwards, we must take advantage of it to ask ourselves the right questions: What does this crisis say about us? ? How do I react to uncertainty? Loneliness? What do I notice? What matters most to me? What do I love doing but my usual daily life takes me away from this “zone of genius”?

At BonneGueule, we have learned to reinvent ourselves! We wanted to create an editorial line more in line with what we are going through. And for the launch of our products, we have to work differently since we can no longer take photos of our models!

My first instinct at the end of confinement will be to go to my gym and join my friends at the bar right away!

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Pen: Benoit Wojtenka