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#4 Juliette - Happiness Therapist -desktop #4 Juliette - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#4 Juliette - Happiness Therapist

Juliette, 32 years old
Founder of Oh My Cream
Confined with her men in Paris
✔️ Your IG account to follow:
@paolacarla a mother of 3 children, Anesthetist Resuscitator, she shares her professional and personal daily life with a lot of humor and perspective!
✔️ Your personal “escape” favorite of the moment:
Redoing the entire @enjkey Instagram account to find the guest house where I will escape as soon as everything is over...
✔️ 1 podcast to listen to:
Entrepreneurship in fashion , much better than a Netflix series in my eyes!
✔️ Your confinement activity?
Frankly, I have less time than usual... but I try to do a little yoga every evening with YUJ's Youtube videos which are short and very nice!

Oh My Cream is an ultra-expert beauty concept store, which selects the most cutting-edge clean brands! We started in 2013, and today we have around fifteen addresses in France, an eshop and our own brand Oh My Cream Skincare. In 7 years, there have been 4 fundraisers, 15 stores, 80 people in the team: we have taken certain difficult steps (such as growing and recruiting massively while preserving our corporate culture and values) but we There is still a lot to do, such as achieving profitability or going international! The announcement of the lockdown was a big shock (even though we proactively closed our treatment rooms, I didn't think that all the points of sale would close!). I wasn't expecting it at all but we reacted quite quickly (the whole team was on deck!).

My first instinct was to communicate : to the teams to reassure them and keep the link via a Whatsapp loop, but also to customers to share all our decisions with them. I think it's super important to share as much as possible, with lucidity but without anxiety, because there is nothing worse than opacity in this kind of context. Then, in 48 hours we made a huge inventory with the team leaders, we reorganized all the TO DOs and opted for new ways of doing things (we had to run the RS without shooting, ask ourselves the question of what would like our customers in such a period...).

After these first days of somewhat urgent crisis management, we took the few days necessary to ask ourselves a little more "long term" questions and make the slightly more "committal" decisions that were necessary (unemployment partial for the store staff but with 100% salary maintenance, rework of a financial forecast for 2020...) We must accept making imperfect decisions , which will be criticized... and take a step back from the criticism! The important thing is to stay consistent and be in agreement with yourself. Regarding the future, I tend not to see the problems too much before they arise... But I have confidence in the fact that we will adapt, that we will find solutions, and I focuses on the great lessons we will learn from this period and on the fact that we are all in the same boat and that we all have the same problems.

My mantra in times of crisis We've got you covered! or We've got your back! Ensure that we make the right choices for our employees, our partners, our investors, our customers, hospitals... Never let ANYONE down just because everything is collapsing!

I want to keep only the positive from this ordeal. We created fairly indestructible “human” bonds which will be an asset for the future! All the existential questions we asked ourselves and the answers we gave helped us to assert our mission much stronger: to take care of people. Because we realized that this is what drove most of our “difficult” decision-making. Before we sold cool beauty products, with great advice. There we understood that in fact our ultimate motivation was to do good around us too: by preserving jobs and salaries, by supporting our service providers and suppliers… And above all, continuing to constantly reinvent ourselves. We adopted a lot of new ways of doing things (we realized that we could create content with nothing, that we could talk about something other than beauty) which we will of course keep for the future!

I'm one of those incorrigible optimists who think there's a solution to everything, so Never Give Up .

Finally, my first instinct when leaving confinement will be to hug my family!!! I miss them a lot, and I have never been more aware that their good health is the greatest gift.

To discover the world of Oh My Cream, click here .

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