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#4 Elise Chalmin - Happiness Therapist -desktop #4 Elise Chalmin - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#4 Elise Chalmin - Happiness Therapist

Elise, 29 years old
Founder of Elise Chalmin
Confined to Cap Ferret
✔️ Your IG account to follow:
@mytraveldreams because I am fascinated by her rhythm of Mamma Working girl travel family which fascinates me!
✔️ Your personal “escape” favorite of the moment:
A good book, a ray of sunshine and drawing!
✔️ 1 podcast to listen to:
Adrien Garcia's podcast " Entrepreneurship in Fashion " which is super interesting for entrepreneurs who need support.
✔️ Your confinement activity?
Sports NO WAY! I would love to, but I can't do the second session when I feel the aches from the first! Cooking: I promise to get started, I made a beautiful zucchini goat’s cheese tart! Drawing: Of course! And finally take the time to read.

Elise Chalmin is a brand born from spontaneity and the challenge of achieving what you dream of. It is a colorful and optimistic brand for all women who love or want to dare. It's a brand that aims to become more and more lifestyle in order to bring color into the lives of people who don't yet dare to wear them. We entered the TALENTS program of the PAP federation (ready to wear) this year.

We are attracting more and more women every day and this is a real step forward for us. We are planning the opening of our first store in the 9th arrondissement!

Faced with the announcement of confinement, we remained optimistic as always. This allows us to take the time to interact much more with our subscribers, to offer them different things, to introduce them to our tastes, our colors, our moods. We are supported by a very loyal community. We also decided to launch THANK YOU t-shirts in soft but bright colors, a t-shirt full of hope in which 50% of the profits are donated to the Hospital Foundation.

Concerning the future, I am a very spontaneous woman by nature, I like the "last minute" which sometimes harms me, but also allows me to tell myself that everything is always possible. When I want something, I do everything to make it happen by believing in it and investing 200%, that's how Elise Chalmin was born and that's how The future of the brand is being built. More concretely, we would like to become a lifestyle reference. More than just a clothing brand, I want to bring my universe to more media: decoration, crafts, children, stationery. Open our printed world to a greater choice, so that everyone can find what they like and that we have an immense source of creativity.

My mantra would be something like: ''Let's GO! ". You can't do it without trying, so go for it, you have nothing to lose! And above all "stay positive" obviously because we are all in the same boat, we are all afraid of sinking, but we will get through it. come out of it seeing the glass half full rather than the other way around!

For us of course it is difficult, as for all small structures, but we prefer to say that this gives us wonderful time to pamper and even better retain our customers! We are trying to reinvent ourselves during this confinement. This involves helping mothers with the children, we create coloring pages for them. We create playlists, films, etc.: We update the website in a different way. I am also starting to work on the collections for next seasons.

My first instinct when leaving confinement: Go have a drink on the terrace in the sun with my friends, go to the hairdresser to get a balayage, and send all the waiting packages aha!

To discover the world of Elise Chalmin, click here .

Feather: Elise

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