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#4 Charlotte - Happiness Therapist -desktop #4 Charlotte - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#4 Charlotte - Happiness Therapist

Co-founder Patine
Confined to Paris
✔️ Your IG account to follow:
@historycoolkids to learn crazy historical stuff!
✔️ Your personal “escape” favorite of the moment:
Rewatch all the 80s and 90s classics with the kids (this afternoon it’s Splash!)
✔️ 1 podcast to listen to:
@travailencours edited by @louismedia (who also produces the wonderful @manger podcast by Laurianneme!). Rethinking the relationship with work, a whole program, and particularly today now that we realize that the most essential people are also the least well treated.
✔️ Your confinement activity?
Um...so homework for CP and CE2, accounting closing, video calls with my super mini team on future projects, diaper changes (the last one is 10 months old), TV series in the evening, and stack of books to get down between 10 p.m. and midnight :)

PATiNE will celebrate its 3rd anniversary at the end of June. We launched it with a pre-order t-shirt made in Portugal with organic cotton, 40% recycled, the Willie. Since then, we have been developing one after the other our essentials to wear often and for a long time. We call it ready-to-report 😊 PATiNE is small but strong, a wonderful community, great partners for each outfit, and a very motivated (and funny) mini team!

When the lockdown was announced, after 3 days of astonishment and dismay, optimism took over, and above all we put priorities back in their place. By playing the famous “what if?” game. In truth, if we were to disappear with the Covid crisis, it would be a shame for us but not the end of the world.

We found practical solutions from Friday March 20 to offer free delivery after confinement. This allows those who wish to support us right away with purchases for later, without burdening non-essential parcel delivery services. We also put in

For the future, I tell myself that this suspended time is an opportunity to choose which production activities we want to see resume afterwards, and those which must evolve. Rethink our consumption. And we as brands must be very, very demanding: since fashion is not essential but is a real pleasure and a confidence booster, how can we make it compatible with nature? I also think that more and more of us will want great brand stories without dreaming of hyper growth. I am looking for a new name to define our ambitious project but one that rejects growth without meaning.

My Mantra would be: Let's do it. Clearly.

If I had to give advice to other entrepreneurs in these circumstances: To go with the flow? Not to turn our brains around to look for turnover straight away because we are not in the mood to consume and that's a good thing. Offer pre-orders to limit damage (trust your community who want to support the brands they love), reduce expenses, get help with cash flow, and if confinement gives you time ( this is not the case for entrepreneurs confined with children), take the opportunity to move forward on substance, their vision, their ambition, what counts! I'm taking advantage of this new mode of operation to read a lot! I'm thinking about the path we're going to take next! We have a great world to rethink, more compatible with our resources! And like everything new, it's exciting!

My Mister k mantra would be Dream Big, but stay small enough :) I believe in the virtues of staying small, alert, creative, and collaborating with others rather than trying to become a huge company!

Coming out of confinement my first instinct would be to drop my children off at school, open the PATiNE Studio, heat up some coffee and turn on the music loudly!

To discover the world of Patine, click here .

Feather: Charlotte

#stay at home
Astrid and I have decided to donate 5% on each sale of our cloakroom committed to the APHP Coronavirus covid19 emergency fund, these donations will take into account all sales made since March 1st (therefore including those of your purchases at Pop Up). This emergency fund has just been created within the AP-HP Foundation to quickly unlock additional resources to support hospital staff and advance research. To learn more, it's here !