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#2 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -desktop #2 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#2 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old
Mister k's pen.
Mom with good ideas

“The more we share, the more we have, that’s the miracle.”
— Leonard Nimoy —

Your good plans to follow:
A talented poet, a legendary actor and a musician who needs no introduction….A dream scene for an evening of gentleness and musicality. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the death of his Grandmother Andrée Chedid, the guitarist and singer Matthieu Chedid had the enchanting idea of ​​inviting Pierre Richard to La Scala to read her poems, accompanying him on the guitar. . Unable to accommodate their audience, they offered everyone this poetic and musical recreation live on the singer's Facebook page. A timeless and incredibly delicate moment to relive as many times as you want…. It's this way .
@Plus_une_miette Emilie is a talented photographer and an outstanding cook. So, when she decides to combine her two passions and travel the world to discover the culinary specialties of other countries around the globe, this results in an Instagram account that is difficult to break away from… We dream, we travel, we indulge. our lips and as we have time on our hands, we test the dozens of recipes that she regularly shares with us: rustic squash tart, fleur de sel cookies, rice pilaf with Asian flavors or lemon meringue éclairs. ..We didn't say that we would emerge from this confinement slender....!
For 45 days (yes yes we have to face the facts that we will surely go that far…) Hollisence and its well-being experts offer “feel good live” which range from sophrology to self-massage. through serenity and relaxation rituals. Enough to take care of your body and mind daily in an anxiety-provoking period where finding a little serenity is frankly welcome.
Your current favorites:
I regularly dream in front of Inès Longevial's paintings, as colorful as they are deep, and I observe these intriguing faces of women and these flat areas of color which fragment them….I will in turn be able to indulge in them to my heart's content, thanks to these drawings that she makes available in black and white, which we will spend hours putting into color. Get your palettes over here !
Welcoming places, attentive teachers, a gentle practice... This is what we find when we land in one ofthe Tigre Yoga Club studios . And as they understood that in the coming weeks, we would land no further than our sofa, they put free yoga and relaxation sessions online every day so that we could refocus on ourselves and we accept that time has stopped a little...
@leblogcashpistache Because you have to find another way to escape when you can't go beyond your doorstep, I wander through Vanessa's account and escape with her through her sublime photos and travel stories . From the south of France where she comes from, to the United States, via India, Greece or China, we fantasize about everything we would like to discover the day our world is better.


As strange as it may seem to us at the moment, sometimes we voluntarily decide to confine ourselves. Sometimes even alone. This is the choice that Sylvain Tesson made when he left to isolate himself in a cabin in Siberia near Lake Baikal for 6 months. We then follow the hermitage diary of this solitary forty-year-old who learns to make a living from his fishing, who gives us the fruit of his reflections on the works he devours, with humor and depth and who describes the surrounding fauna and flora of extremely fair and poetic manner. Throughout the pages we slowly come to understand his need to disconnect and we admire his ability to adapt to this hostile environment. And from our bed, we tell ourselves that this is also an opportunity for us to take a step back from our fast-paced lives and our crazy existences!

In the forests of Siberia - Sylvain Tesson

Certainly this unprecedented health crisis is a source of a lot of grief, anxiety, fear and anger and it is always difficult to discern the opportunities that emerge from a tragedy. However, this forced isolation is perhaps the way to take a closer look at what positive things this damn virus can bring. On a personal, societal or environmental level, here are some reasons to rejoice in this confinement...

  • The water in the canals of Venice has become clear again since the tourist boats stopped.
  • The interruption of a large part of the means of transport, of factories... which significantly reduces air pollution.
  • We educate ourselves: reading, watching old films, documentaries, podcasts… no more excuses for not learning more about diverse and varied subjects.
  • Unable to import food from other countries, local agriculture will develop accordingly.
  • Solidarity between citizens increased tenfold to help the elderly, nursing staff, etc.
  • Focus on your family and take the time to play with your children (and them to talk to us!)
  • Reconstruct your home in the first sense of the term to make it a real place to live and not just a place of passage.
  • Refocus on ourselves by meditating, taking care of ourselves physically and allowing ourselves healthy moments of boredom.
  • Realize while living locked up at home that it is by changing our consumption patterns, our modes of travel and other daily habits that we can contribute to saving the planet.

Feather: White

#stay at home
Astrid and I have decided to donate 5% on each sale of our cloakroom committed to the APHP Coronavirus covid19 emergency fund, these donations will take into account all sales made since March 1st (therefore including those of your purchases at Pop Up). This emergency fund has just been created within the AP-HP Foundation to quickly unlock additional resources to support hospital staff and advance research. To learn more, it's here !