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Cyril Neves

Cyril, 33 years old

Founder of Les Petits Bidons

Originally from Lyon and based in Paris for several years.

Volleyball player (well when the gyms are open…) and scuba diving enthusiast!

✔️ Your IG account to follow:

@ thegoodgoods.fr to learn,

@ vogueturfu to relax

And of course that of @lespetitsbidons !

✔️ Your personal “escape” favorite of the moment:

Running, reading and eating... In confinement it's a bit limited!

✔️ 1 podcast to listen to:

The Good Goods and Basilic podcasts that I love.

Les Petits Bidons is a brand of natural and effective household products for washing without getting everything dirty! With formulas that contain up to 100% natural origin, without palm oil, petroleum derivatives or controversial ingredients! Eco-designed packaging made from recycled plastic waste, recyclable cardboard or compostable Zero Waste versions. And all made in France of course!

2017: Cyril realizes that traditional detergents are full of toxic ingredients and that consumers have no way of knowing this. Indeed, the market for cleaning products is very opaque. He therefore decided to take the plunge and created Les Petits Bidons: a transparent and committed brand.

June 2018: crowdfunding campaign to see if the concept appeals. The answer is yes: more than 300 people pre-order our laundry detergent.

2019: we launch our website www.lespetitsbidons.fr where we offer our products

2020: New range of ecological products for dishes and arrival of zero waste and plastic-free products, including our new 100% natural origin laundry detergent in a Zero Plastic box.

Tips to better understand this period: Not easy but I will say: try not to isolate yourself, call your loved ones and face your emotions without repressing them.

Dreams for the future, what we can wish you, what you dream of for 2021: Above all, a serene, peaceful year but above all more… normal! An awareness also, among the greatest number of people, of the importance of consuming better in light of recent events. We are especially impatient to be able to reveal our new Les Petits Bidons solutions for washing without getting everything dirty!

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