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@mydeartherapy Advice and news on beauty, well-being, lifestyle... gently to restore your health and attack the recovery in Olympic form. This is what My Dear Therapy offers in its delicate and motivating posts. And it's a pizza fanatic who doesn't know what a serum tastes like who tells you!

@billieblanket After so much time spent indoors, let's face it, we're tempted to overhaul our entire apartment decor. But as we are not as sophisticated as we would like to be, we go to get inspiration from Billie Blanket who shares with us her decorating favorites and her visits to apartments, each prettier than the last.

This little summary of optimism and cuteness, posted by Camille Lellouche on her account, boosts morale in less time than it takes to say it. We listen to this little girl and her very comforting words at the start of this new period! It's this way .

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@laquarantainetmtc Funny and so accurate illustrations. Obviously when it concerns the period we are currently experiencing it speaks to us, but the rest of the time, it also has its effect! A boost to attack this second stage!

You came home but the school is closed, they understood that we were starting a new phase but still cannot go to the park... In short, you will still have to be a little attentive to your children and let them express themselves thanks to the brilliant The Little Yoga School and its episodes in which they practice a session according to the emotion that overwhelms them: calm, joy, excitement, fear...

The delicious Season du Marais restaurant has finally been offering for a week, to have some of its dishes to die for delivered or taken away, all accompanied by a booklet to prepare your plate at home as if it had just come from their kitchen ! This promises to make our exit from confinement easier!

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At a time when some of us are returning to work, we can say that this crisis has been very instructive about ourselves, our values, what matters to us and what we wish to change in the future. The famous good habits that we want to keep, the challenges we have gone through and the character traits that the situation has allowed us to develop.

It is these soft skills that I want to talk about, these personal and relational skills, which are neither knowledge nor know-how. In French we also call them “savoir-être”.

We contrast them with hard skills, these measurable, objectively assessable skills, those that we have acquired through our studies and training.

In the business world, recruiters are increasingly taking these skills into account, and no longer just the CV, previously considered the holy grail. !

They allow us to know whether a candidate will be able to communicate, behave, feel, listen and adapt adequately to the company and its environment, without only being an expert in the field for which he was hired.... In short, by taking these famous soft skills into account, we are reinjecting a little humanity into our profession, an element that has become essential especially after this crisis.

And if you realized during confinement that your current profession was no longer what you aspired to, taking stock and having developed this type of knowledge will boost your self-confidence and give you the courage to take action .

Here is an overview of those which, to our greatest joy, have largely developed during confinement:

  • Empathy: we put ourselves in the place of the weakest and most exposed and we turned towards them. We became aware of the situation, even more complicated for them than for us, and we provided service, contributed, thanked and shared a little human warmth.
  • Solidarity and cohesion: We came to the aid of the most vulnerable, those on the front line facing the virus, the oldest, the most vulnerable….And we mobilized by the thousands to achieve a common goal.
  • Responsibility: we felt invested with a duty to protect our family, our children, our elders... We also felt responsible towards those who were at the front, by making the decision to stay at home so as not to not spread the virus. We took our responsibilities towards society, by reconsidering our way of living by realizing that we could live with less than we thought, in a more responsible and more protective way towards the planet.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: We have learned to adapt to a particular and somewhat anxiety-provoking situation and to adjust and review our schedule, our habits... We have complied with the rules to protect ourselves and others.

We have certainly each developed many other skills but these seemed common to all of us at the end of this first period.

And even if we mainly talk about soft skills from an entrepreneurial point of view, these human qualities are of course an invaluable asset to develop in our everyday lives.



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