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#8 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -desktop #8 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#8 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old

Mister k's pen.

Mom with good ideas.

My good plans to follow

@etdieucrea Positive thoughts, travel stories, eco-friendly tips, DIY and funny faces... This is what we find on Elsa's account, sweetness incarnate when she speaks to us or to her children. We draw inspiration and admire his poetic photos which warm our hearts on this eve of deconfinement...

@maisonreveillon Leaving your home for a weekend is not going to be an easy task...The advantage of this divine house - for Parisians - is that it is located less than 100 km from the center of Paris, that you can find everything that children and parents dream of for a weekend or more, and that it can be booked whenever you want if you are in need of nature. 

@zaboubreitman We knew her as an actress or director but that was without counting on her new passion... Since the start of confinement Zabou Breitman has been reciting poems, classic or little-known, from her father or legendary authors. And we drink in his words, impressed by his playing and his friendly energy. Ingredients

My current activities

@donothingclubparis This slow life movement mixing conferences, workshops and discoveries has adapted to confinement by offering its content online only. We find a wealth of good ideas there and at the end, we continue to adhere to the concept, we pause our life at 100 miles per hour and we do ourselves good.

@latombolasolidaire Dorothée Gilbert’s pair of pointe shoes, a day of filming with Guillaume Canet or Booba’s leather jacket….? This is just an overview of the hundreds of prizes or experiences that you can win by purchasing a Stars Solidaire raffle ticket for €10 for the benefit of Protège Ton Soignant. Tempting...But we hurry, there are only 2 days left to participate!


@danafaceyoga We will have understood, yoga relaxes, relaxes, strengthens... but when you practice it on the face it also makes you rejuvenate! So we're taking advantage of these last few days before the start to learn Face Yoga with Dana and arrive refreshed at the office, or by videoconference...

An idea for a film

I had a farm in Africa...Does that mean anything to you? Karen Blixen's first words in her magnificent Out of Africa are those also taken at the beginning of the eponymous film. And if normally I could only beg you to read the work before watching it, this adaptation being just as sublime, you have the right, exceptionally, to proceed out of order!

It is the autobiographical story of this Danish woman who recently arrived in Kenya during the First World War, to marry a fickle man, and falling madly in love with an indomitable hunting guide...But it is also the story of an extremely strong and independent woman for the time, managing her husband's coffee plantation alone, dispatching those who get in her way and protecting the local tribes. Finally, and this is the advantage of having the images, we discover, thanks to dazzling long shots, the most beautiful Kenyan landscapes, aerial views of the breathtaking African fauna and flora and a country that We dream of exploring too.

Out of Africa - Sydney Pollack

Blanche's mood post


Deconfinement is coming. Finally a semblance of deconfinement...As a result, some are delighted, others are anxious. And we understand the concerns! Our lives have been turned upside down, we took time to adapt to this isolation and this way of life without too many external contacts, we waited for this deconfinement... and we now have to go the opposite way and get out of our cocoon….

Here are some tips to help you navigate this return to semi-normal life.

  • To avoid being too surprised by this change of pace, we visualize our days and write down what they will look like in advance. How will I get to work if I have to avoid public transport, where will I have lunch if I can't go to the canteen, where will I actually work from, how will I protect myself while going to do my shopping, what activities will I be able to do in the evening….
  • We take advantage of these last confined moments to take care of ourselves physically and psychologically to better face the future and we reestablish our old rituals and habits: more regular waking up and going to bed times, balanced diet, weekly (indoor) sports session...The recovery will only be sweeter.
  • We are planning projects that we will be able to realize outside of confinement: organizing a trip next year (let's be optimistic), changing our job or the way we work, getting involved in a charity after seeing this. a surge of solidarity, starting a new sporting activity that we enjoyed doing during these few weeks, signing up for a cooking CAP after these hours spent behind the stove...
  • We take up the list of the famous habits adopted during confinement that we told you about last week and we tick off the ones that are most important to us, in particular the time given to our loved ones. We continue to put it into practice as soon as the time for deconfinement has come to refocus on the essentials.


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