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#14 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old

Mister k's pen.

Mom with good ideas.

3 getaway ideas...

Les Maisons de Bricourt : we dream of salty air, breathtaking landscapes, and putting our feet under the table…. And it is in Cancale that we find our happiness, thanks to Olivier Roellinger who welcomes us to his 2 incredibly charming hotels, his kleds disconnected from everything or his very warm gîtes. With Mont Saint-Michel permanently in our sights, we live to the rhythm of the tides for a weekend or more, and suddenly the Emerald Coast becomes the end of the world!


Coco Barn Wood Lodge : just 5 minutes from Hossegor, among the trees and bamboos, hides the Coco Barn Wood Lodge. We take refuge in the cabin by the river nestled in the forest before heading to the workshop for a cooking or macramé class. The other option is to go surfing the waves of the Landes and at nightfall, come back for a drink near the brazier by the pool, and decide never to leave this little hidden paradise again.


Les Eydieux : a hamlet lost in the heart of Auvergne, a renovated traditional farmhouse housing two independent suites, a warm and attentive welcome... You won't leave a stay in Les Eydieux unscathed! Let yourself be carried away by Marie-Claire, her hiking advice towards the Puy chain, Lake Chambon or the Lemptegy volcano and her homemade organic breakfasts. We forget our phone and rediscover nature in its purest state in this region of infinite beauty.

3 ideas for outings...

Stereo : in this wine bar on rue Notre Dame de Lorette, we listen to the hosts Louis and Alexandre passing us their perfect vinyl collection. We enjoy small plates to share which accompany their selection of 50 wines from France and elsewhere... But for the moment, we mainly rush to the two tables set up in front of their home or we pick up our feast at take away !


Qasti : the few tables on the Qasti terrace deserve to be fought for. Opened shortly before confinement, Alan Geaam's new restaurant is a culinary and aesthetic marvel. We enjoy his author's mezzes to share and we are amused that he was so visionary in installing this magnificent basin at the entrance which encourages hand washing....In the meantime we take advantage of the outside or take away from this exquisite Lebanese bistro.


Cézanne and the masters - Marmottan Monet Museum : we stroll through the sublime Marmottan Monet Museum which hosts the exhibition on Cézanne and his link with the masterpieces of the greatest masters of Italian painting. We rediscover some of the artist's most iconic paintings and the no less iconic old paintings by Ribera, El Greco, Poussin and Tintoretto, influenced by each other during their lives.

Started shortly before confinement, it has just reopened for our greatest pleasure.

    Blanche's mood post


    Our emotions can tend to overwhelm us. Especially those that seem negative. Even if their intensity is specific to each of us and when faced with a given situation we can each feel things differently, they are part of our lives and cannot be controlled.

    They are often even useful, even benevolent, because they are the internal signal that allows us to react in this or that case: faced with an unpleasant superior, with children who push us to the limit, with a friend who says hurtful words...

    We should therefore actually release these negative emotions that invade us in order to be able to tame them and above all not reject them. Accepting your emotions would reduce their impact and then be able to understand and use them. And that’s when you become master of the game!

    As a reminder, we have 4 basic emotions: anger, fear, sadness, joy. So obviously, if we block our seemingly negative emotions, we also block joy, which it would be a real shame to deprive ourselves of!

    So to welcome our emotions, we try not to judge ourselves and we let them pass through us, both pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

    We still identify negative emotions and we put words to them because a good way to free ourselves is to express the emotion. Being able to talk to a friend about what we are feeling allows us to detach ourselves from it.

    In a complicated situation, we take a break. Breathing for 2 minutes and leaving the room allows us to react differently and adopt another response or reaction to the context.

    We put things into perspective and we don't make assumptions, we thus calm our feelings of anger by not interpreting in the wrong way what someone meant when we didn't have the slightest idea.

    Ultimately what poses a problem for us is not emotion in itself, but when it takes over our behavior. But one thing is certain: there are no good or bad emotions. We just have to welcome them without judgment and with kindness, both towards ourselves and towards others.


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