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#12 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -desktop #12 Blanche - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#12 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old

Mister k's pen.

Mom with good ideas.

My good plans to follow

We change our consumption habits and each month we receive an anti-waste box filled with practical and ecological objects to slowly but surely move towards zero waste. Beauty, maintenance, food...we have become an eco-responsible citizen! The Pousse push box is here.

Gardening being strongly recommended by the master of Lykke in order to reduce stress and gain happiness, it would seem appropriate for Mother's Day or the mistress, to send these cards to sow. An attention that nicely reinterprets the notion of recycling. It's this way !

@julierenaudmillet This parenting coach gives us her best tips for calmly approaching heated subjects or situations with children. All with a lot of humor. And after these few months from which we were able to emerge a little tense, we are frankly interested.

My current activities

They have reopened but are under storm and a lot of things (or human beings) are still keeping us at home... So we opt for the at-home version of the hairdresser and the beauty institute by calling to Simone's teams who will be happy to give us back a human appearance in no time.

Bouquets, wreaths, globes... at Flowrette you can find dried flowers in all shapes. We offer some to our mother or to ourselves, just to brighten up our interior for months and to remember the fields that undulate in the summer heat, all without maintenance. A winning trio.

My passion for Californian cuisine will finally be satisfied thanks to the thunderous arrival of The Cali Sisters in Paris . I cherish the hope of being able to sit at one of their tables soon, and in the meantime I order orgies of “Wild Pancakes” and ricotta meatballs for home delivery.

Blanche's mood post


Lykke - “happy” in Danish - is a philosophy of life invented by the Danish Meik Wiking. The one who already introduced us to Hygge is now working to understand and draw inspiration from what makes people happy around the world.

If Hygge encouraged us to find our happiness in small, comforting and pleasant moments and to make our home a cozy place, Lykke forces us to come out of our cocoon to help us see life more beautiful. And as recent events have made it difficult to get out of this bubble – remember the “cabin syndrome” – we are keen on some advice.

They are often full of common sense but deserve to be remembered.

  • We reconnect with nature and practice silvotherapy like in Japan, by hugging the trees. And if this practice is a little too strange for us, we just take advantage of everything that nature offers us during a walk in the countryside or by the sea which will have a positive effect on our mood.
  • We try to live more in community, like our Australian and Danish friends who develop a lot of mutual aid. We are installing a collective book box in the building, we are creating a shared garden, we are coming to ring our neighbors' doors to get news...we have been getting into the habit of sticking together since March, now we are continuing and we observe how this makes us feel better and more fulfilled.
  • We treat ourselves to quality time, like the Germans who never check their work emails outside the office or by getting rid of the week's menus in one go (the famous batch cooking). We take advantage of the time we have left to do activities that really make us happy.
  • We're opening a happiness kitty! We regularly put aside, even a little, for a project that would bring us a lot of happiness: a trip, a good restaurant, a room we dream of. And we dig into it when the time comes.
  • We create our gratitude journal like the Americans. We write down the things we are grateful for and the positive things that happened in our day. Just writing them down makes us more aware of what we have.

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