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#11 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old

Mister k's pen.

Mom with good ideas.

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@celestebarber When self-deprecation meets the star system it gives Celeste Barber who parodies with a lot of humor the more or less absurd poses of the stars on Instagram. Rihanna in the shower, Miranda Kerr at the piano or Victoria Beckham in splits, she has a blast. And we take the opportunity to unwind for a few moments!

@moyoparis Inspiring talks to challenge us, boost us and exchange ideas, that's what Moyo, this community dedicated to positive and female entrepreneurship, offers in its onion program offered regularly. We attack the sequence of events more motivated than ever and with a better understanding of this changing world.

It is said, we will consume less or better...Why not start by going hunting for our decoration and our tableware rather than buying them new? This is good, Florence has accumulated enough wonders over the months to not be short today. We stroll around his site, and as soon as possible, in his flea market shop in Oise. It's this way .

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@hoteldutemps The day when we will pass through the front door of a hotel again has not yet come….Unless of course we decide to invest in the rooms of the latter, which transform into these time to deconfine in a private teleworking space! And that's good, our employers strongly recommend it to us...In short, everyone is there and we can only salute the initiative of the charming Hotel du Temps in Paris 9.

@mapster We usually come to save our favorite addresses in France and everywhere else... This time we come to happily dig into this Mapstr map which lists the places in France offering takeaway or delivery. While waiting to be able to reserve a table there, we check if our favorite restaurants are among them and if not we opt for a neighborhood discovery.

They had already treated us to their most beautiful plays, shows and story readings by launching their dedicated web channel during confinement, so that theater would come to us. Well, the Comédie Française is extending the festivities by adapting their schedule to the deconfinement schedule and we are looking forward to seeing the great classics again!

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We had waited so long for this release and now hesitation appears... After 55 days spent in confinement, and more than 15 in (restricted) deconfinement, some of us saw ourselves developing our share of anxieties and of apprehensions. This change in lifestyle that we have had to adopt has perhaps made us a bit of a homebody, to the point of dreading the return to normal life... This emotional state has a name: “cabin syndrome”.

It comes from these gold prospectors in the United States who, after months confined in their huts, were panicked at the idea of ​​returning to civilization. This is a bit of what we feel: the fear of leaving our place of confinement, of being contaminated, of the crowd, of confronting the gaze of others... in this climate which remains anxiety-provoking.

So if you are tired, stressed, have a loss of motivation and are afraid of what could happen outside, you may be suffering from this syndrome. There is of course no guilt to be had, thousands of people have been feeling this for several weeks.

And even if a priori only time will remedy it, this state is destined to improve. By working on it and setting ourselves a few challenges like the ones below, we will eventually get there, I want to believe it!

  • we set small goals and try to achieve them gradually. We allow ourselves short outing times at the beginning: today at the end of the street, this weekend in a corner that we liked before, but further away...
  • At the beginning we avoid crowded places or long queues at supermarkets which would suddenly confront us with a large number of people given what we can bear. The forests having reopened, we also favor walks in nature, far from everything.
  • we try not to read or listen to anything and everything concerning the risks of recurrence. We batten down our hatches and make sure to continue to adopt all the necessary barrier gestures that we know are the best ways to protect ourselves from the virus that is still raging.
  • we maintain human contact, this famous social bond that we talked about during confinement, very different from the physical distancing that must be maintained. Walks with friends, family phone calls, Facetime calls...will help to get our heads above water and free us from our cocoon.
  • we practice relaxation and breathing techniques, such as the Calm application, which are very useful in dealing with symptoms. Even if they don't completely resolve the fear, they will help us face the situation with less discomfort.

Anxiety is normal and will disappear with indulgence and kindness towards ourselves. But if, despite everything, after a few weeks, these symptoms still persist, we should not hesitate to contact a professional who can help us overcome this state. 

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