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#10 Blanche - Happiness Therapist

White, 33 years old

Mister k's pen.

Mom with good ideas.

My good plans to follow

@eugenieredmount It is not so much her joyful and colorful universe that seduces us about Eugénie as the sublime watercolor portraits of couples and families, which she creates to order. Nice little post-confinement gift to give or to give yourself to remember this timeless moment and the essential people with whom we spent it.

@cordessensibles Intriguing, sensual and cultural sound creations in which music, poems, discussions, and inspiring images are mixed. Here are the compositions of a few minutes proposed by Cordes Sensibles that we enjoy listening to and listening to again as many times as we like during our teleworking lunch breaks.

@somewhereiwouldliketogo Let's already rejoice to have the right to go wherever we want in France this summer...And to go further, we will have to be satisfied with the sublime photos of Ruben and Katty of the places in which “we would like to go ”...From a castle in Guizhou to a Korean island via the blue falls of Mexico, here's something to escape beyond the borders.

My current activities

When the kings of photo printing take on the challenge of collecting as many smiles as possible to thank the heroes of this crisis and display them all over France, we sign up straight away! We run to take a selfie of ourselves with our most beautiful smiles and we tell who we dedicate it to. A smile to say thank you is here!

All the guests on this podcast have seen their lives turned upside down one day, but they have also all bounced back and taken advantage of these misfortunes. In short, wonderful stories of resilient people... Does that mean anything to you?

@biglittle_lives Because we have not finished entertaining, awakening, sharing with our children before the full resumption of school, these two mothers have created these participatory lives to discover readings, sports activities, works of art and more again to all these young people looking for friendly moments, entertainment and knowledge.

Blanche's mood post


Here we are ! It has been a little over a week since we have been authorized to leave our homes and resume a semi-normal life, under certain conditions only....Respect for a multitude of barrier gestures and drastic rigor are essential. put if we want to return to a more ordinary daily life and get rid of this damn virus as quickly as possible. Some have not changed anything in the rhythm put in place since March 17 and which works perfectly for them. Others had no choice but to return to work, transport, etc. In all cases they had to adapt.

So what has changed in our daily lives since the end of lockdown and which we have adapted to more or less well?

  • We proudly display our mask like our new fashion accessory, (and we're eagerly awaiting Mister K's!) we make it, we order several models, we look at all the techniques to disinfect it as easily and as best as possible. ..
  • We took the habit of saying hello from afar and without kissing, as our Chinese or Japanese friends are wont to do, even if we would dream of hugging tightly all those beloved faces seen again after 2 month. We are in fact relearning a new greeting rite and if we are not unhappy to make this argument in front of our insistent colleagues, we are a little less so in front of our parents who have been isolated for 8 weeks
  • We have learned to be extremely patient and to accept that the smallest shopping trip takes triple the time given the queues outside and inside each store.
  • We rediscovered the forest, the woods or the beach near us and we breathe the so pure air that appeared after these 2 months. We go for a walk there without thinking about the authorization that we forgot to fill out...
  • We have overcome our fears, those of each other and that of the virus, and we stop looking suspiciously at the person in front of us at the bakery, in front of us in the metro or on the other side of the table. meeting by reasoning.

This is only the beginning and it is not easy every day but it is surely by showing solidarity and good citizenship again and again that we will get to the end of this crisis more quickly from a point of view. sanitary view.


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