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Never give up

So here are our famous mood posts, starting today, it's exciting to get back into writing... I'm not going to bombard you with moral lessons, rest assured, I'll simply explain my definitions to you sometimes, and in particular in this first post, the precise definition of our mantra Never Give Up, which has become essential to our collections .

I have been harassing you for almost 2 years with this mantra which makes so much sense, “never give up” whatever the pitfalls, because it is he and he alone who best defines my character: determined (has a stubborn tendency) , to the end, slightly obsessive on the edges... Without this booster which animates me, I would not be where I am, hyper sensitive certainly, but hyper combative at first, with a hyper active tendency !

I think I fight day after day for my business in the same way as when I fought for my life.. (the girl who never has enough, good luck Sylvain ), why? Because it’s simply my temperament! Since I was little, I have always had a strong affection for the struggle, justice, accuracy, truth. Not giving up is that too, not letting go of the fat, because we always hope to win our case. Exhausting all possible options, to say ok it didn't work, but at least I would have tried everything to achieve my goals. I don't like the feeling of incompleteness, of not having pushed all the doors to ensure that it was indeed impossible.

So be careful, consume in moderation, in certain situations (notably your love life for example) you need to know your limits. As my father says, there is no point in retrieving the lemon from the trash to look for the last drop, in fact sometimes you have to accept that solutions are no longer sought, in order not to become narrow-minded, the right dosage is subtle, believe me !

The nuance emerges over time between determination and obstinacy. Why, has it had such an impact on so many people who follow us (I obviously do not claim authorship of the term) and who have made it their standard of pride.

Well quite simply because not giving up is a daily struggle whatever our stages of life, which everyone can make their own. This is why I believe that the slogan of our brand should also become “never give up”, for the continuation of this “story of resilience” which is increasingly taking a very beautiful form.

Looking forward to the month of May, to “do what we please” with our future collection! Thank you for your attention.

Beautiful evening. Charlotte