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The sequel part 2/2.

Last week, we set the scene for our future ambitions, today we are going to go into more detail about what awaits you, be careful it is long but essential to understand us better, and you will be obliged to read until at the end to find out when the new collection will be released, yes I'm cruel! So to begin, here is our detailed ambition: To become a brand that is always committed, highly desirable and above all sustainable. Offer you new products often but which will last a long time, which you can make your own by sharing all our values. What interests you most in the short term, the new collection of course and it is coming: At the beginning of October we will offer you great new products which will be put online for Reservation (our new pre-orders):
  • blazers
  • shirts
During the 3 weeks of reservation, the products will be at even fairer prices in return for your patience, for example €85 for shirts instead of the €95 expected when they are in stock.
Why reservations:
quite simply because for financial reasons we are obliged to ensure cash flow to produce them, as a reminder we are self-financed and cannot yet produce in advance without guarantee of collection.
Delays :
for products on reservation you will have to be a little patient and wait around 2 months before receiving them at home, this is why the prices will be lower to thank you for your patience! Once reservations are received, stock will be put online 2 months later, at a fair but slightly higher price. And we will not restock once sold out
Mid October:
We will put all available products in stock online immediately:
  • shopping bags
  • jewelry
  • the mesh
  • the sweatshirt
  • t-shirts
Why this distribution:
our custom products are manufactured in 2 stages, the first: the purchase of materials / supplies which requires approximately 5 weeks of lead time The second: manufacturing, which takes on average 4 weeks and is made in Poland at Beata which we we will introduce you very soon
Products :
From now on, each shape will have a first name so that you can find your way around more easily, the first names of inspiring personalities who made things happen in this world of fury and noise. No stock on custom products. As I told you the previous week, we want to direct you/us towards a different, useful and responsible way of purchasing, by producing less, or rather by producing just what is necessary without ever compromising on quality.
And the frustration in all of this:
Especially not ! the idea is not to frustrate you but to share our conviction that the time has come to buy with discernment, without giving in to the dictates of compulsive hyper-consumption. When a product is sold out, it won't matter, there will be others that are always desirable. As each of us is unique, we will regularly offer you small limited editions so that you always feel unique in our pieces.
The Rendez Vous :
Every month new products are more desirable and durable, always choose the best quality for you and unexpected pieces. New products will often be reserved with the deadlines mentioned above or in stock, but don't worry we will explain everything to you.
Organization question / quantity of work:
so for us it will require a lot of agility and a lot of work because I will have to be even more creative to better amaze you more each time.
Fair prices:
Sometimes you think that our products are expensive, because on the internet there is this obvious obstacle of not measuring the quality of a product. Today our pride: We only have 5% returns, which is very, very little for online sales. The photos on site never do justice to the true value and quality of the pieces, but when you receive our pieces you measure all the commitment and heart that we put into the development of each piece. A fair price also means a selection of suitable manufacturers, who share our values ​​and our commitment, see the 3 points below. Those who accompany us: Today we are surrounded by a whole pool of manufacturers: - in Portugal - in Poland - in China - in Bali We will explain each of our choices to you, in complete transparency and the know-how of each one in next posts. Our workshops are (very) human in size and all share our values, like José who I have already introduced to you.
The sizes :
We will detail them for you as much as possible online, please note that each of our pieces has been developed in advance by a Modeler, Jean-Michel, who adjusts and readjusts each piece to find the perfect size
The subjects :
Today we carefully choose materials that last, not necessarily organic but in any case durable and easy to maintain. We also want to bring materials from major brands back to life, in our ambition to raise awareness, to encourage us to waste less, buy better. This will happen very quickly for our custom pieces, we will obviously detail the pieces which will have been adorned with these exclusive qualities.
Sales :
We have already explained to you in a previous post why we will not do so, read it again here!
The ambassadors:
Often I imagine you are not all able to identify with our models because I am a small 36 with an almost total absence of breasts. Our ambassadors are here for that, to show you that everyone can find the centerpiece that suits them. We will launch a call during October for the next shooting which we will do in November.
The little extras:
Shipping costs will be free from 200€ purchase. Our tote bag of the season always offered for purchases over €65. As we have already communicated a lot of information to you, we will come back in future posts on the meetings of the magazine and the portraits which will be published throughout the year. And the Fighting kits in all this? For those who know me and know how much these kits are part of the DNA of my company, I will share my thoughts and my ambition regarding this action very soon. Looking forward to next week to present to you the new collection, into which I put so much energy and adjustments, I can't wait to present it to you. Thank you for your time reading me, well done for making it to the end. We are at your disposal by email, for any questions on: bonjour@misterk.fr Charlotte