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The Suite - part 1/2.-desktop The Suite - part 1/2.-mobile

The Suite - part 1/2.

The suspense has lasted long enough, we are finally going to detail the turn we have decided to take and the future that holds out its arms to our (very beautiful) brand.

So to begin with, I'm just going to take you back to my "origins", as many of you know, my life has been strewn with pitfalls, but I decided to see the bright side of things, experienced positive (I always see the glass half full, rather than half empty). For the past year I have decided to no longer be just Charlotte who has been through hell (ovarian cancer which I have been in remission for almost 5 years as a reminder). I am not denying anything about this past, I just want to move forward and make the most of what I have become thanks to (or, as the case may be, because of) him: Charlotte passionate about fashion, life, nature, others and who DARE:

- undertake

- engage differently

- create

- bounce

- look for beauty everywhere

in short, this is the story of resilience, always, of a rebound, of a flight towards new horizons, because my life is like this, I compose, I dare, I change my mind, I make a mistake, I mature, I flourish, and I trust.

The origin:

Parisian, hyper sensitive, unstructured, without any filter (except on Insta), stylist for 10 years, graduated from Studio Berçot.

the shift takes place here because of this precise terminology: I am a STYLIST and I LOVE my job, this is what took me time to take on, to pick up my pencils to design everyday wardrobes that last, and that 'engage but not only.

2 weeks ago, we did this essential work, gaining perspective on everything that Mister k represents and must become.

(gaining height, on the same level as mental structuring, organization and coherence not being my strong point, usually rather stubborn, head in the handlebars) however this work allowed me to see much more clearly , to finally be able to take on everything, and dare everything by channeling all the energies that enter en masse into my mental “percolator”.

What you already know:

Mister k is committed, Mister k is desirable, but Mister k is also very, very well surrounded (from you first and from a whole benevolent anthill passing from talented suppliers, to hyper-disposed providers, very patient parents, the shadow in number and in gold) so I believe that with all this paraphernalia Mister ka also a mission (because you have to know how to take the ball in stride): to renew yourself, to surprise, to go further, to grow fairer and to take responsibility.

Here is the overview of what we will be offering you very very soon:

Mister k will always be:

Incarnated by me (not because my ego trip no longer passes through the doors) but because I have the impression that deep down you find me nice ;)

But also and above all embodied by you

The products will be:

More and more beautiful models, increasingly extensive collections, pieces that last a lifetime (at the right price, that's essential), highly desirable and above all manufactured in a traceable and transparent manner.

More engaged than ever, that goes without saying (as a reminder, on each model sold from the collection we donate 5% per sale every month to Research).

We dream that in our clothes you feel:

Conquerors, sensitive, strong and proud inside.

This is why the messages (mantra) will always be the common thread of our collections, they will sometimes be less visible, more subtle so that you can appropriate them discreetly but to envelop you in strength, (insider messages in sum).

But we also dream that you are in it:

Elegant, feminine and committed.

For our part, we also intend to be more and more transparent:

By bringing sublime materials back to life that we have unearthed with the greatest care,

By continuing to source the best workshops for you because I have been working with many of them for 8 years now, we will present them to you as we already did with José a few months ago

We will explain our choices to you, because you need to know everything to defend our values.

I will give you the example of Winnie next week, which follows our sweater making

We will also tend to consume less plastic, until we can do without it.

We won't cheat, we will surely make mistakes, but that's how we learn, because we also know how to recognize our weaknesses.

Produce less to consume better

Offer you new products often but which will last a long time.

We just want to continue moving forward with you, thanks to you, we will be wrong for sure but we will learn and we will do better the next day

We want Mister k to live with you, to be part of your daily life, to teach us to buy differently, to consume more sustainably, more sincerely, to commit differently to a cause that I know well, by approaching it from another angle and make you beautiful above all because you are at the heart of everything, and in all modesty this is what I know how to do best in my life, draw, erase, rework, move forward, listen, sublimate.

So it's as always a (happy mess) big mess my articles, in 6 months it will have evolved again, but it has the merit of existing and of doing good, because to this day we are very proud to have already was able to donate more than €11,000 to Cancer research thanks to our collections.

Here the first part of the scene is set, as my logic is sometimes very personal, if you have any questions we are obviously at your disposal by email, to channel this flow.

I'll see you next week, same day, same time, same place to continue this transcendental explanation, I will discuss in detail the heart of everything: the collections, our products and our operation tutti quanti

We said to ourselves that in 2 meetings it would be “lighter” to integrate given the level of “overabundance” of which I am capable, it deserves a good week of digestion!

We will always be sincere, always transparent with you, also available, attentive. We would like to be otherwise... but we couldn't!

Thank you for reading us to the end. Charlotte