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The Dream Big factory - our new project.

“Never-ending dreams, encouraging you to achieve them.” Charlotte
Very excited to present to you our new project which will launch next Wednesday (March 13) in Paris. With #ladreambigfactory our desire is to accompany you in all kindness, to instill in you even more all the values ​​that we convey through our mantras.
How :
by offering you caring interactions/coaching led by speakers (coaches) selected with the greatest care several times a year. For months we have been thinking about the sequel, always and even better, to Mister k, for months we think THE “stone in the building” was missing. It was obvious that the Dream Big factory had to see the light of day... I keep saying it, Mister k. is not a simple brand, but a project that inspires and instills strength, thanks to our embroidered mantras on the one hand, but above all thanks to this virtual but predominant link which weaves a bond between us all. Perhaps you know, for 2 years now, I have been a speaker in parallel with the development of @misterk . During these interventions, I tell my story of resilience, how I transformed the ordeal into a committed and positive business, also how to develop a startup only online thanks to @instagramfr in particular. It was at the end of each of my interventions that I became aware of the real interest and impact of the caring audience, of course, I am aware that my story is unique but ultimately not so much, as I I often say that I believe that everyone experiences fairly decisive moments in life. Throughout the surveys I realize that each of us has a common trait, that of a desire to share, to build relationships but also a need, to be encouraged... To explain the origin to you: In 2016, I forced myself to fight against my unhealthy shyness (yes I swear it's true) and to learn (finally) to speak in public, it is thanks to shock coaching with the wonderful Silvia, that I I managed to surpass my limits, to today become a speaker, which shows that everything can be overcome and everything can be learned! Naturally Silvia was to be our first speaker on March 13 on the theme of self-confidence!
The idea of ​​this Dream Big factory:
interactions and caring coaching led by speakers (coaches) selected with the greatest care.
In the program :
bring out the best in yourself, and above all encourage yourself!
When :
every 2 months, on a theme around a mantra *.
Or :
in sublime places in Paris to start, and if it is a success we hope to migrate everywhere in big cities in France quickly, (obviously each intervention will be rebroadcast live on Instagram) The dream big factory comes full circle as they say , with its ambition to kindly transmit useful, targeted coaching, tips to encourage you to accomplish your dreams, even the wildest, to give you keys, tools, without judgment, without giving lessons, without condescension, with a lot of humility and above all efficiency... * The months of February / March being those of "never-ending dreams" with Dream Big, we had to begin our first meeting on the theme of self-confidence, so see you next Wednesday at 7 p.m. to follow the interaction live! ALL places are gone in less than 24 hours for our first event on #1 self-confidence... If by chance places become available for March 13, do not hesitate to write to us on bonjour@misterk.fr we will help you will enter in order of the emails received, as it is placed we were obliged to limit the places... So happy with this sequel which is taking shape more clearly every day... Thank you Charlotte

March 13 in Paris