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Serge 🇫🇷

The idea of ​​creating a handbag had been wandering through the twists and turns of my brain for a long time. Classified by ease by fashion gazettes, among “accessories”, at the same level as belts, scarves, sunglasses, etc.

The handbag is, however, so much more than a substitute.

It is our essential toolbox (imperative combing or cosmetic touch-up), an extension of our hypoxic brains (smartphone, diary), a safe for our palpitating hearts (sweet notes, grigris, the childish poem or the fragment of the noodle necklace dated Mother's Day) ... and it swings with its false candor slung over our shoulder to beautify us... in short, a handbag lives by our side, it's beautiful and essential, it must therefore be treated seriously.

I almost completed the drawing in one go, because the contours and functions of our bag are deliberately simple, and also because I was especially motivated! Against all expectations, this simplicity inspired me, while the eraser and repentance are the companions who most often push me to my limits on the drawing board. What I wrote when introducing you to Alain, the manufacturer of our Perfecto , applies here, word for word and it is no coincidence. The most unbridled creators, or more simply the most inventive, would remain in dry dock if a myriad of makers and craftsmen in search of the right gesture did not come and give shape to this indecisive moment that we call inspiration. Through Virginie, who founded Adapta [bonjour@bar-da.com], a real radar for detecting and purchasing the best leathers from dormant stocks, here we are on our way to the beautiful province of Anjou and the town of Cholet .

There, there is a village near Cholet, where the Audouin & Fils company exercises its know-how, which is exceptional, in leather goods and leather sheathing.

Marcel, the father, founded the company in 1947. His first creation was a shopping bag made from strips of recycled leather. Well ! A pioneer of zero waste. Here I am on complicit territory. The company prospered to the point of becoming a manufacturer of Courrège and Longchamp bags until the retirement of the founder, a man of duty and an honest craftsman.
As my beloved grandmother would have said, “the apple never falls far from the apple tree.” After his retirement in 1990, Laurent, his son, took up the torch with the same passion for excellent work.

Audouin & Fils has developed and diversified in a judicious and remarkable way. The company can pride itself on supplying luxury car manufacturers (Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW), yachts, prestigious hotels and, more than ever, fine leather goods. All these clients are more than clients, they are partners in sectors of excellence which perpetuate an uncompromising concept of “beautiful work”.

You just need to visit the workshops to feel that everyone at their workstation is driven by a passion for doing the right thing.

It's the same feeling I get from Alain or from Monsieur Stanislaw. The values ​​we defend begin with the dignity and passion of the first worker who receives our design to bring it to life.

Our bags will be manufactured by Laurent Audouin and his teams, a stone's throw from Paris, in scrupulous respect for ethical and eco-responsibility standards concerning our leathers, their origin and their treatment. As was the case for our Irving Perfecto, our skins come from the dormant stock of a major French House, with world-renowned know-how. “Make it beautiful, do it well, do it well”, you know it.

Our first bag was called Serge. Your facetious and sharp minds, which have just answered the quiz above, could see in it an allusion to Jane Birkin, whose Pygmalion was named Serge. However, Serge certainly refers to Serge Prokofiev, unforgettable composer of Peter and the Wolf. During this gloomy Christmas, we so needed to find our childish soul. With the cunning and complicity of his friend the Bird, Little Pierre will use kindness – and overcome his fear – to prevent “his” wolf from ending up under the gunshots of the hunters. Today we present to you his little brother Sergio, in a magnificent tricolor 100% leather version: smooth leather, crocodile and leopard embossed leather!

"Love imposes itself on all ages, but it is only good in its fury, as in the meadows of May the storm, to young souls of candor. Its sudden rains refresh them, renew them, mature them . And the mighty life produces sweet flowers, rich fruits."

Take care of yourself, always.