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The Trench. Did you know that it took shape in 1914, in the workshop of a certain Thomas Burberry? It has long been in the Pantheon of iconic clothing, and it has also become one here, under the name Nestor. Our beloved trench coat was designed by Charlotte, developed, improved, pinned for almost a year! We chose a sumptuous Italian twill, sourced from the trench fabric specialist since 1992.

The history of the trench coat

Carried away by passion and the desire to please you, we often use the epithet “iconic” to designate the pieces that are close to our hearts and which dream of leaving a beautiful mark, synonymous with commitment, in your wardrobe.

But the trench coat has been an icon for a long time in the history of fashion, let me tell you its story...

He is more than a hundred years old. It took shape in 1914, in the workshop of a certain Thomas Burberry, on order from the British army wishing to protect the officers of His Gracious Majesty in all weathers. Adapting the heavy serge coats of the French and British armies, our patriotic tailor designed functional raincoats, ready for combat and... perfectly cut, embellished with epaulettes and buckles. Functional and elegant, it's compatible. Do you see me coming?

In the hell of the trenches, from the Marne to Verdun, the garment gained its iconic name of trench frock coat or “trench coat” for posterity.

It spanned history, including the Second World War, carried by the liberating Allied officers.

All the ingredients of a romantic epic were there. Hollywood and fashion took hold of them, these Olympus where the gods know how to transform the ordinary into the sublime, moving from the mire of the trenches to the limelight of the catwalks. Saint-Laurent of course, from the 70s made it a leitmotif of its collections, followed by Dior, Balenciaga, Hilfinger, Paul Smith... finally the Burberry brand and its emblematic tartan acquired their letters of nobility. Punks and goths also draped themselves in it, which shows that the object was - still is, more than ever - a bearer of singularity and universalism at the same time... every stylist's dream!

We wanted, in our turn, to pay homage to the icon, without having the immodesty to speak familiarly or slavishly imitate the gods of Olympus. Our trench has its own personality; we put all our heart into the design and the smallest detail.

In our mental landscape, where inspiration lies, I can simply tell you that the two trench coats stuck together, of Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard kissing in the rain of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Ingrid Bergman , heartbreaking, in the arms of Boggart, tight in his trench coat, impervious to the rain, not to the incandescent passion of Ingrid (in Casablanca obviously), are not foreign to our drawing...

We named our Trench NESTOR, a nod to Nestor Burma, the smart detective, Parisian at heart, who wore his trench like a second skin, whether it was rain, wind or snow.

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