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Jules ate Tarte Tatin

Here is a new episode of “Tarte Tatin” – an accident transformed into a second chance – which occurred last September.

You like Jules, our jeans, high waisted, “bootcut”, no stretch, and divinely cut, don’t you…? in short, all the codes of the “legend” respected to the letter to which were added our intangible codes: a 100% cotton twill from an existing stock (zero waste) which should have been a subtle blue, when it was first production last September, once dyed and washed in an eco-responsible way (i.e. with natural ingredients and half as much water) to obtain our subtle blue…. However, subtle, it was not at all subtle when leaving the bath, but faded and not at all consistent with our prototype, which you expected and had reserved. The entire production was ugly and unsaleable.

Our faithful Estevao in his workshops in Santo Tirso, a suburb of Porto, had made a mistake in his recipe, no more and no less than the Tatin sisters. The cursor of our anxiety and guilt meter towards you, our beloved customers, climbed into the red, you had been waiting for Jules for 2 months already.

An emergency plan was decreed, the faulty delivery was re-shipped and Virginie (production manager) left for Portugal at all costs to find a solution... which she did with mastery.

The alternative was quite simple. The hard and contentious line would have ordered to impose on Estavao to absorb our loss after having reimbursed you and throw the entire production in the dumpster.

Anyone who has never experienced the daily life of an entrepreneur does not know the stress of thoughtlessness and detail that “kills”. A mixture of anger and indulgence animated us. Frightened at the idea of ​​breaking our “zero waste” credo, we chose the pragmatic, commercial and diplomatic line at the same time, it was unthinkable to throw away these jeans.

Estevao agreed to completely remake a new collection in accordance with your orders - disrupting his entire manufacturing schedule - and took it upon himself to dive into a new "bath" - the bath of the second chance - the first bad jeans. As for us, all we had to do was throw ourselves at your feet to beg your indulgence and additional time before the delivery of your completely redone orders - and this time well made - in the factory.
The fairies of serendipity must have taken pity on Estevao. Still, the miserably failed blue of the initial production which escaped the dumpster at the last minute, was transfigured into a pale blue, as beautiful as a blue sky under the mist. So here we are with an additional offer of jeans, beautiful as the day, literally saved from the water, and absolutely not included in the program haha!

Jules had just tasted his Tatin tart, so delicious, believe me it is divine!