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Never Give Up - but what exactly is iconic..?

The iconic

It all started from a getaway and the desire to offer you even more... to return to our history, to immerse ourselves in the origins of what allowed us to become this beautiful brand full of meaning of which we are so proud. Maybe you remember the few days Charlotte and Astrid escaped to brainstorm about two months ago. The idea was to sit down, lay everything out, to think about the development of Mister K and the continuation of his committed wardrobe.

The fact is that we operate without stock, out of conviction, with a view to consuming better first, and for economic reasons (as good grocers that we are), and that all our items tend to go away in no time. Owl ! We might think, there are no small savings...but reluctance and pettiness are foreign to us.

Something then became obvious: the desire to offer you more choices, more opportunities and more strength to face life, whatever its stages!

That's why we wanted to create a permanent collection of our mantra "Never Give Up": The Iconic. Allowing you, throughout the year, to have access to the pieces that have made us known, our timeless basics, it was obvious!

Made up of a shirt, a mixed sweatshirt, two t-shirts, our women's sweatshirt and the Lennon link, this permanent wardrobe is our way of giving you strength on a daily basis (the collection will expand over time). flow of water). And yes, because that’s not all! These iconic pieces are indeed embroidered with our very first mantra: Never Give Up. Because not giving up is a fight that everyone can take on, regardless of their story, it was important to us that this positive thought be the one proudly displayed. Charlotte says it's the mantra that best defines her character, but it also resonates with all of us, no matter what we've been through.

It all started with this link and its engraved Never Give Up medal, offered in return to all those who had supported us during our KissKissBankBank campaign for fighting kits in 2016. The mobilization and solidarity that our community had demonstrated in displaying his worn bracelet was such that this Never Give Up mantra remained for us the most emblematic of Mister K.

All this to tell you, that the “iconic” will be available in stock all year round, without reservation and without stock limitation, for you, a gift, for all occasions... Except of course if the sudden desire takes you took to rob us in one click, the iconic will always be there to serve you! Because this time again we are continuing in our zero waste approach by collecting end of stock from our favorite Portuguese suppliers: blue, gray and white jersey for our t-shirts and sweatshirts, always with this logic of not producing more, as there is so much There are already dormant stocks! We could therefore not supply the entire planet (don't tempt us too much though...!) but we are able to give you the opportunity to have continuous access to our most affordable parts. No need to rush, anticipate, stress...you can at any time, on a whim or a crush, fall for one of the iconic Never Give Up Mister K.

To offer, or to treat yourself, whenever you want, a gift filled with style certainly, but above all with meaning, strength and optimism! Here we go ?

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