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The right price – but what exactly is it? -desktop The right price – but what exactly is it? -mobile

The right price – but what exactly is it?

When you buy a garment, we understand that what you look at first,
it's the price.

Of course you will tell us that you find our pieces terribly attractive and that it is above all they that catch your eye... however, we strive to remain lucid about your purchasing decision. Sometimes we buy a piece because it is “inexpensive” and conversely we restrict ourselves because it is “too expensive”, and we even forget to ask ourselves what its “fair price” is… That’s what we’re getting at! We wanted to explain to you, in a constant concern for total transparency, how we define the prices of our committed wardrobe and why we offer the fairest prices possible. From purchasing raw materials to manufacturing, including marketing and donations... a little clarification was needed!

First of all, what is a fair price?

It is the perfect match between the calculation of our costs and the psychological price based on the current market. It is also a price that guarantees decent working conditions and remuneration for each participant in the production chain and an environmentally friendly approach. This is the case when we work with José, Beata, Mr Stanislaw, Sylvain, Federico and everyone you already know. In the same way that buying back fabric stocks allows us on the one hand to enter into a “zero waste” approach and on the other hand to produce at lower prices.

As far as we are concerned, to set our prices, we start by defining all existing costs:

  • There are therefore on the one hand the production costs: the raw material, the manufacturing / labor of our great partners, delivery to our logistician in Burgundy, supplies, VAT... directly linked to the product and representing nearly half of a room.
  • Then there is what we call the margin – but certainly not as you understand it…! – Let me explain: from this margin we still have to deduct a lot of costs linked to the shooting of our locker room (photographer, makeup artist, etc.), the website, the rent of our premises, marketing and obviously the salaries of our dream team . This margin is therefore fundamental for the company to be profitable and to be able to reinvest in new products, grow healthily, expand our wardrobe, and in short achieve our dreams! Note: I decided not to pay myself for 2 years, not out of masochism, or sacrificial taste for panache, but because the success of our project is at this price, today, as a sort of investment in the future.
  • And then, outside of any analytical accounting, there is our commitment at the heart of our triptych “to do beauty, to do good, to do it well”, i.e. our donations donated to the Gustave Roussy Hospital (today €49,520 ) , systematic contribution, detached from any economic or financial contingency.

So that you clearly understand how it works, here is the cost distribution diagram for a typical piece, here our Iconic Albert blazer in its sublime woolen cloth. This detail is available for each of our parts, directly on all our product sheets.

Once these costs are listed, we think about a fair/psychological price that you, our beloved community, would be willing to pay for this or that product. Even if the interests of a seller and a buyer are contradictory on paper, we demonstrate a certain logic and we also take into account the prices charged by the competition. We could produce far, very far away, to lower the manufacturing cost but we would then create an “ethical” problem for us, colossal transport expenses and customs fees, we would have much less visibility on the factories where our parts are manufactured and I'm not even talking to you about the carbon footprint...

Producing in Europe necessarily increases costs, but we know that you, like us, are increasingly sensitive to this type of approach.

We also choose to choose beautiful, noble materials, Oeko Tex prints, sheets from large houses which we bring back to life while they are sleeping, which would satisfy us all in terms of quality, but which you will not would ultimately perhaps not be sensitive enough to pay the price. Sometimes, perhaps you think that our products are expensive, because on the internet there is this obvious obstacle of not measuring the quality of a product, its perceived value is biased. However, we are proud to have only 7% returns today, a very low rate for online sales! This is also why, as we have already told you, we do not have sales, because our prices are set, once again, as accurately as possible. It is often during this period that we suddenly realize that the initial price of our parts is ultimately fairer than that charged by other brands...

We offer the fairest prices possible so that everyone can find what they are looking for and appreciate real, transparent quality, in a short circuit, without intermediaries.

You know everything ! Go to all the product sheets to discover their fair prices!

Take care of yourself.

Charlotte Husson.

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