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Post 38: 4 years already...

{4 years already}...

4 years ago, April 1st was not a joke.. at 27 years old after 2 years of unexplained pain we discovered "thanks" to an intestinal obstruction that I was suffering from Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer , after a year and a half of treatments, 6 operations and 36 chemos, numerous scars , I am here before you for the best finally, in remission as they say and standing.

This photo (one of the only ones that I have kept from this period in fact) which dates from these dark years illustrates how, even in the face of the worst, taking care of yourself, remaining dignified, keeping your head held high, even when very thin ( I must have weighed around 46kg at the time), fighting tirelessly, can lead to brighter days today.

I experienced everything during the war, intensive care, complications, loss of fertility, daily nutrition bags connected to an IV at home, physical and psychological mutilation, a stoma for 4 months, being bedridden. for endless weeks, but today I'm fine "so far so good" to quote "Hate".

Surround yourself with love, with strong people, with caring people, with gentleness above all, this post is for my fighting brothers and sisters, I send you all the strength that animates me every day, you are not alone, we is an army of warriors ready to give up nothing to unite against this female dog of an ordeal!

I too was scared and I'm still scared now , but never stop believing in it, I'm no one to say that the battle can be won but I know that we can face the intruder, fight stronger and remain standing, dignified: resilience our key word!

We're not brave when we fight to live... we don't have a choice, that's all...

Never EVER give up

Charlotte, 31 years old, Ovarian Cancer Survivor in remission for 3 years.

‚ú®to my loved ones whom I love so much, and to the many incredible medical teams thanks to whom I can write these words...

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