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Post 36: my 3 years of remission today.-desktop Post 36: my 3 years of remission today.-mobile

Post 36: my 3 years of remission today.

3 years ago to the day, everything was “taken away” from me, all this pain that had been eating away at me for almost 2 years (a K of the ovary stage 3c / reread the history of my K here ). For a long time I believed that everything had indeed been taken away from me on October 31, 2013, my carefreeness, my femininity, my lightness. Yet 3 years ago I was reborn without knowing it... For a more beautiful, more serene life, full of projects and great encounters Above all, full of love. 🌿 🕊 1 child, yes of course, but it will just be different.

3 years ago my life changed for the better. Always this anxiety which hovers above my head, during my numerous check-ups, which sometimes fades over time, but I savor this life which has been offered to me again, I am not saying that I no longer have afraid, I would be lying because I drooled too much, but one thing is sure, from now on I know how to enjoy life, be happy and light again.

We have two lives and the second actually begins when we realize that we only have one, to paraphrase our friend Confucius; don't wait to enjoy it, enjoy life and every second that passes. When you are alive and in good health everything becomes possible, there is no risk in trying everything It took a while for me to fully realize it, but today I do. 3 years ago I was reborn...

Very special thought today for my loved ones whom I love with all my heart, and for the entire medical team thanks to whom I can accomplish all this today. These 3 years I can celebrate them thanks to my wonderful oncologist Dr. L who recently told me this "anniversary" date, without him it would only be 2 years since Mister K would have been behind me*.

See you for my next check up in December 🙏🏻

I also think of all those who are fighting!

Never give up


* my onco Dr L. considers the effective remission since the day of this incredible operation where they removed all the vestiges of this damn K from the ovary.