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Post 35: gentle spa treatment.-desktop Post 35: gentle spa treatment.-mobile

Post 35: gentle spa treatment.


It's been a long time since I picked up my keyboard...

But the inspiration came quite naturally, following an enchanted parenthesis that I wanted to tell you about...

Wednesday October 11, 2016, Julie , Lili , Laure and I were invited on the occasion of Pink October, to the Cure Thermale La Roche Posay , to present our respective projects (the Franjynes for Julie, the new comic book "La Guerre des nipples 3 Mutation" by Lili, Laure's super app , and The Fighting Kit ), in front of an assembly of “curists” / ex-fighters, present on site to reboost their batteries.

Quite shy by nature, and uncomfortable at the idea of ​​finding myself in front of people, my apprehensions very quickly evaporated as if by magic.

Julie, Lili, Laure and I are more in the habit of hiding behind our screens (well, especially me hehe), even if these windows open onto a lot of kindness and tokens of love, physical contact is also so precious; exchanging glances, complicity, sharing experience and therefore bonding, that's life.

And all this was made possible thanks to Claire, a good fairy, of unparalleled generosity, who directs, with a masterful and velvet hand, the cures . With communicative energy, Claire takes you with her in her commitment and her luminous smile is the pilot.

Enchanted parenthesis, because we were received like princesses, and knowing how to receive is an art, that of the generous, that of the committed, that of Claire in short.

So I was able to discover this little-known place, “La Roche Posay” between Chatellerault and Poitiers, a welcoming place to recharge your batteries after treatments, but also a place to meet, and, oh surprise, every year after K spa guests can be offered 3 weeks of regenerating treatment by the SECU (and I won't hide the fact that I had NEVER heard of this possibility / ask your doctor, urgently!), to regain self-esteem, recharge your batteries batteries, revitalize your body, your mind, bring back life to your mutilated flesh after operations, meet great people and above all take time for yourself!

I saw women with smiles on their faces, who became real regimental friends following their stay, well yes in 3 weeks, we have time to build strong bonds. A place therefore, of human encounters, of sincere connection and delicacy, everything we need when we have just suffered the K tsunami.

Our cozy nest for 2 nights, the lodges of the park & ​​spa , a place where calm and pleasure reign, if you are tempted by the experience of cures, I strongly invite you to take a tour, a warm welcome and caring. Their slogan is even “recharging your batteries has never been so chic” I completely agree!

The girls and I didn't have the chance to discover the Cures because we didn't have 3 weeks ahead of us hehe, but I saw in the eyes of the spa guests how peaceful they seemed, if like us you're short on time, we were still able to try the Spa des loges , where Claire had kindly booked a treatment for us, and I can tell you that it’s worth the detour!

In short, this stay was a cocoon of sweetness and it felt good, I absolutely wanted to share it with you.

Great discovery

@ very quickly


- the Cures Thermales website here!

- that of our cozy nest "Les Loges du Parc" that way!

  • in case you doubt it, the initiative for this post was not at all inspired by me to promote, it's really not my type, it's just the desire to share with you this beautiful discovery, because this place deserves in all sincerity to be known to as many people as possible, and I would really have liked to have been told about it before.
  • The good fairy Claire, tirelessly does everything possible to make this place full of life, and beautiful vibes, it is also a tribute that I pay to her after a very beautiful meeting preciously engraved in my memory