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Post 33: I apologize for apologizing...


Do you miss my introspective tirades for a moment?

Come on, it's a gift today, I'm taking back the "pen" (well the keyboard, we understand)

A discussion among regimental friends over a drink without filter because there are no more diktats when we have experienced war, a counter discussion of survivors from hell, the words flow without taboo... Between lightness, kindness and complicity, just a beautiful evening between those who need to empty their saK!

Except that... my friend in question keeps apologizing for having had a "smaller" Cancer than me... um... what do you think that causes? well... a huge thought! especially when she tells me that she has already been castigated on the subject, as if she was not "legitimate" to talk about it... or worse, some would have even made her feel ashamed for daring to complain about it. .. hmmm....

Why feel embarrassed to be alive...?

Why apologize for keeping your hair...?

Why apologize for having had a "small" cancer (well personally I don't care, I think that I had what is rather called a big cancer haha ​​read here )?

Even if I personally haven't lost my hair, would I be ashamed #rebel?

A chat with the pretty Sarah , between girls, on a terrace in Paris (well yeah we are seasoned activists of the Bataclan generation oblige), plunged me into an intense transcendental reflection as always ;)

Why this shame?

This anger sometimes?

The word CANCER is the same for everyone... right? And I like to think that no one should prioritize the seriousness of that of others... Why, because the deep feeling which overwhelms us all during the announcement is the same for EVERYONE...

The unbearable wait to know if he is big or small... When the verdict falls! Thank God for some, it is "lesser"... But the word is nevertheless the same: Mister K is the same fucking word for all, I don't want to worry, anglicism with 2 bullets / aka Mia Frye. .. But the truth is there, the fucking word is UNIVERSAL and stop me if I'm wrong, but just the word gives us hell of a cold or hot sweat (compared to the bursts of heat that will come for some)

So rant! Tadaaam!

A quick reminder to the article of phrases to avoid :

It's not because it reassures you that your girlfriend had a "small" cancer, that you should make her feel guilty... Like "but it's nothing" "some people died from it" "as if it were only 'a cold "...

Personally in these cases I would like to tell them:



Tolerance is essential to our entire Community, when you meet a fighter who was LUCKY enough to have cancer, even a slight one, remember that he is a survivor who still came across this same terrible word, and frankly I wish it was “minus” because I don’t even wish my worst enemy to experience this shit from K with the full package, extra bonus full option!!

It is not because some war-disabled people have gone through hell that those who experienced the tsunami less hard do not have the right to cheerfully complain about it, the same when we got through it, no shame to savor being alive and wanting to eat it to the fullest…

In the same way that one day a friend told me there is no hierarchy in the pain of those who suffer, yeah he dared haha ​​and I didn't even get angry while I was bedridden connected to a morphine pump , a gastric tube, a KK bag, and a urinary catheter...

Well, with hindsight (that of a survivor) he was right... There's always better and there's always worse, that's how it is!

Once again I'm losing track... it's been a long time since I emptied my saK...

Oh yes I know

This world needs a lot of love, solidarity, kindness, empathy and support, that's what we need to remember... Right?

Come on, it’s said! Spread love <3

Otherwise I'm fine......

OK, kiss