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Post 30: I tell you everything about the Hands & Feet Kit!


Last week I told you all about the Hair and Eyebrows Kit , this week it's the turn of the "Feet & Hands" Essentials Kit.

Because our hands and feet are put under severe strain during treatments, I have grouped the essentials in this little box to protect against "attacks" that can occur due to chemo!

As I have been able to tell you in numerous posts, who says feet & hands, also says nails and them, believe me, you really have to take care of them, so that they stay calm ;)

To reread: post 3 orga before chemo HERE , and post 11 treatments next to booster HERE : to overcome hand/foot syndrome in particular ;)

So let's start at the beginning with the behind the scenes of the Kit, its price 50€ ( this price does not include shipping costs ):

you will find :

1/ the too cool / too beautiful / too gentle hand sanitizer offered by the fantastic brand Merci Handy ! Super important as a defense against bacteria which you can clearly do without when you are already fighting against the beast ;) to leave carefully in your bag (especially if you have taken the metro haha) and to share with your loved ones carrying possible microbes ;)


2/ Asepta Labs offer you THE Vita Citral TR hand cream , to spread your hands continuously, hyper moisturizing, hyper restorative, hyper effective to protect your hands in complete safety and leave you with baby skin ;)

3/ re Asepta Labs also offer you their fantastic Akileine foot cream, because the feet are often not spared during treatments either, they must be pampered morning and evening!

4/ re re Asepta Labs also offer you a very gentle Ecrinal nail polish remover , without acetone or paraben, so as not to damage your weakened nails, nor your skin which clearly doesn't need that either!

=> Asepta laboratories are well recognized in oncology services, particularly for their 1000 virtues and great efficiency, specialists in foot & hand care!

5/ A treatment with 10 very precious oils from Ecrinal to brush your nails // to apply on bare hands, or varnished, massaging delicately to moisturize well, and strengthen your nails which need to be super-boosted to face the battle !

6/ THE star varnish of the catwalks, offered by La Roche Posay THE dark varnish with Silicon , which you should NEVER take off during chemo (and for 2 more months after the end of the treatments) to make your nails 100% protected against the rays UV! yeah!!

7/ the fundamental Evonail treatment, well known by many socio-estheticians, but about which we talk too little! This treatment is to be used without moderation, morning and evening to make a blackout filter over your varnish, I put it on constantly, note that according to the precious advice of I. who works at Evaux, it is possible to use it alone if you are tired of dark rock star nails, personally I have never tested this treatment alone, I put the whole list above conscientiously, but you are free to test ;)

8/ a super detailed booklet full of advice adapted to each product, full of tips with my jargon and my personal illustrations and a few surprises, you will also find offers such as:

- Oncovia , this great site which brings together all the products adapted to “ live your cancer better ” offers you a discount of -10% on all products on the site www.oncovia.com (you just need to enter the code offered in the booklet)

9/ and last but not least 2 surprises (what else) to create a nice comforting "link" , I have to remain a little mysterious ;)

Yes yes ! I promise everything fits nicely in this little box ;)

=> note that you can complete the shock paraphernalia by purchasing a transparent silicon base, well your nails will be 40 cm thick but believe me you need what you need!!

The varnish and everything above are enough, but for the ultra-foresighted "chronically anxious" (as I may be) don't hesitate to complete it if it reassures you!

If you are interested in this Kit

You can order it in “THE SHOP” here: http://mister-k-fighting-kit.com/boutique/ The Kit on video here: https://youtu.be/EbQ2iPXPnYM ------

Here's "you know everything, you know everything" on this Kit, I thought of these Kits because especially when you are sick you have the right to feel beautiful and taking care of yourself is fundamental to arm yourself with his fight !

See you next Friday to find out more about the Face & Body Kit!

Thank you to everyone & to our fantastic partners / collaborators who also trusted me, thanks to whom these kits were able to see the light of day :)



La Roche Posay

Thanks Handy


The Fighting Kit P&M 1 ----- See you next Tuesday at 12 p.m., for the Interview with the superb Delphine 30 years old from Deedee's blog , who at the age of 17 fought against Hodgkin's disease ( in remission for 17 years too ;)!! ). Have a nice weekend everyone. NEVER GIVE UP Charlotte