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Post 24: Back to school!-desktop Post 24: Back to school!-mobile

Post 24: Back to school!



The blog and my posts resume their back-to-school thread today, and my schedule is very busy ;) So I'm starting this back-to-school post with an update of the appointments that await you!

After a relaxing vacation, spent meditating, it's quite difficult to get back into my Parisian habits, there are extremely positive imperatives that await me, but there are also apprehensions, so as I become “Almost” patient I put my thoughts and my to do list in order:

The lessers :

- The return of exam stress (as I talked about in my post 18 to reread here) , well yes it's "already" 3 months since the last check ups were done, I have to go back to the checks at the end of September / beginning of October and wait for the verdict of my onco appointment. Well ok, I'm still not zen about this idea, take heart P., my parents, my friends, I'll be in a better mood (I hope) when this is over, only a month left :) Courage!

- The other big stress that I have spared you, out of modesty, also probably superstition:

The report of my Commission (led by the CCI), well yes, confidence for confidence, I decided to take legal action 1 year ago against the 2 doctors who, before the discovery of my cancer, told me relentlessly asserted that I had a stomach ache because of a “functional colopathy” linked to stress (if you want to know or remember the charming fairy tale it's here ) …. Hmm the mega stress was actually just a little stage 3c ovarian cancer metastasized all over the stomach, yum!!

So, to be honest, as soon as the big battle for my life went into "remission" (yay), another battle began, because I was bored with the idea of ​​not hearing about my K anymore. ;), that of not letting myself be done by 2 incompetent practitioners, subject to a terrible infallibility complex. I had to pursue them, so that real professionals could see their mistakes and responsibilities.

Yes yes well I know, it was my idea, I don't regret anything, I just have the chips, it's my job to accept better and tell myself whatever the outcome at least I would have gone to the end, because at my age, accepting the unacceptable is “almost” possible, but faced with the mistakes of 2 so-called specialists, I had no right to remain silent (if it doesn't help me, I hope that it will be useful to others): so fingers crossed the verdict falls on September 24th I will tell you more at that time ;) but I'm a little freaked out!

>>> ok ok we will come back for my wise spiritual advice to let go of the fight according to K that I usually throw at you, but I guarantee that this work of acceptance for me involves this option, and we are always best advice for others ;)

The positives:

- from now on I am “free lance” because in “free lance” there is “free” and freedom is priceless after going through such an ordeal, I am therefore resuming my work as a stylist from September 15 to imagine the next AW16-17 J collection for a 3-month top secret mission!

- and FREE to continue to constitute, to put in place the purpose of the Kits, yes, yes these famous Kits of essentials which I spoke to you about before the summer , which are built in big steps, in beauty and gently >> you will have exclusive information very soon :) the release of the Kits is planned for January 2016 on the blog!

- take good care of P. because I have been thinking about myself a lot lately, and he deserves so much that I think of him now <3

- change apartment!!! from October when the tornadoes check up + Commission have passed, it is urgent to start a great new year (I think like children, the year begins after the summer holidays)

- my dog ​​;) yes yes it's still being considered but for that I have to change apartment ;)

That's the personal news, for you (because sometimes I don't just think about myself ;)) I'm also thinking a lot about continuing with an effective thread in this brand new site which I hope you like. Now you can testify in the Interview section directly by downloading the questionnaire that suits you, how to do it? Easy :

You go to the top bar of the site, hover over INTERVIEWS, in the drop-down choose: “I wish to testify” , choose the right questionnaire that suits you, fill it out and send me by email your testimony and your photos (for that I can illustrate to you), specifying in the subject line whether you are a “K fighter”, “close” or “K pro”. Send everything back to me by email to: interview@mister-k-fighting-kit.com

News from the next posts to follow:

My posts will always fall every other Friday at 12 p.m.:

>> a kit of tips for radiotherapy, if Mom deigns to remember her anti-burn “essentials” ;)

>>> address the theme of self-acceptance with a new body

>>>>> regain confidence (it’s really work to love yourself again)

>>>>>> a post for you gentlemen

and the Interviews continue every Tuesday at 12 p.m. too ;) (thank you all for your testimonies BTW which are so useful so that together we can give ourselves even more strength)

For the rest of the post it will be more of a personal reflection, still punctuated by my excesses of exaltation // and a boosting rant, general coaching:

Cancer unfortunately happens all year round... we don't talk about it enough, sometimes some Cancers are even "forgotten" (like mine for example), in any case we rarely hear about it in the right tone which boosts and gives strength... For what …?

But there is a reason why the word is the same for everyone: Cancer. Our Problem is Cancer, I believe that deep down there is no small or big Cancer, because the word is the same for everyone!!! This word that is so scary, yes it is scary, but the more of us who fight against it, the stronger we are!! and the more of us there are talking about it too!!

Let's talk about Cancer, that K shit!! without taboo, even if sometimes it hurts, let's talk about CANCER, that damn Mister K that we all hate!

This is the reason why I wanted my blog and in particular the interviews to be aimed at everyone, us, you, me… too big Community of K fighters…. You have the floor because together we support each other, I created and scrupulously thought about these boxes for all of you K fighters (you also those close to you) because we all have the same fundamental need for dignity and gentleness to accompany our war! I also want to address those close to me who need to feel useful and understood to best support the K fighters they love!

Together we are stronger to fight! If I humbly succeed in bringing you this little flame of life, of strength, of dignity, of weapons in this little box, in my posts, in my words, in my tips, in my rants too, then I would have contributed to my way of saying that we won't give up in the face of this shit from Mister K! (Same: we'll come back for the anti-anger dosage, it's my angry month ;) This site/blog is of course telling you my story, my tips, because I too have a lot on my heart and fill my saK!

But above all it's us, you, Julie, Leila, Anso, Anthony, Lili, Marine, Nathalie, Nalie, Macha, Alexandre, Carol, J&J, Emilie, Laure, Pascale, Jean Luc, Emilie 2, Julie 2 ;), Aude, Isabelle, Mathilde, Gege, Christine... It's creating a link, this link, this invisible thread which binds us together as a great Community, which does not want and cannot let go of anything! And which is understandable even if each K is different and we all experience it in our own way! We've all been through this damn Cancer!

Infuse yourself with strength through our stories, our tips, your testimonies, constantly waking up every morning stronger to fight! Fighting with our words to feel stronger, to feel less alone, to feel supported, to feel united...

But also deliver this same force to you through these small boxes / kits which will see the light of day next January if everything goes as planned. These partners who will integrate the Kits, they too unite with us to fight gently and with dignity (I will tell you more very soon) ;)

(well, you understand, I'm still just as excited and militant, but that won't change, I just know how to balance my priorities a little better and target the right fights that I need to lead.)

I am not a doctor, I do not have the remedy to counter the uncontrollable, but in my own way I am convinced that dignity, physical and moral beauty, sharing, are all points of attachment to give each other strength. strength ! Strength because you must not give up to fight this shit! Together we are stronger !

Let’s give ourselves the keys to support us! My blog was born from this need and this force which drives me, to never give up and today to transmit it through my words but especially through you!

Cancer concerns men, women and unfortunately also children, I am no one to give you remedies but I hope to succeed in giving you good combat advice, and a little strength in "gentleness" in this world of raw !!!

Don't panic, it was just the very heavy back-to-school saK dump, my next posts will be more zen, with lots of tips ;)

Never give up Charlotte

@ Sabah thank you for your kind words / ultra boosting comments which inspired me a lot to write these lines :)