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Post 15: Hospital organ kit

Hospital kit: be careful it's heavy

Hello ,

Here is a post that is of great importance in the journey of any self-respecting K fighter: the organization packaging of essentials at the hospital!

Indeed, let's say that the hospital is not really the place that makes you dream the most in general, but to make this “stay” sweeter, I judged that it was necessary to create a semblance of “home”. ” well-being so as not to get too depressed in my princess “suite”, and forget as much as possible the abominable beige / pee yellow linoleum on the floor, and the tone-on-tone / fitting wall, decorated with a “crust” uh sorry of a “work” of great beauty, plastered on my wall opposite my bed, which changed landscape and history according to my injected doses of morphine…

The hospital, I spent some time there, I remember that I had 6 operations, including 1 & 2 which gently pushed me to stay almost 1 month and a week in the surgery den freezing, so fortunately some resources and “cozy accessories” allowed me to keep my toe in my previous life…. Especially since my amazing trio (my wonderful P., Mom & sometimes Dad), take turns every night to never leave me alone.

I won't hide from you that during my first 2 weeks of "cruise" I was feeling a little upset... only my parents, P. and some of my friends were allowed to visit me, to take advantage of my completely drugged dog mood !

It was only during the 2nd round that my dream support team was allowed to enter the door of my new “home”: home “sweet” home ….

Anyway, enough about me, here are my few practical tips and the equipment to take with you to be ready for battle and pass the time, be careful for people prone to lumbago it will be heavy, even very heavy...


The indispensable:

- earplugs ( the hospital is always super noisy )

- mask for sleeping

- mist ( essential for the days after operation, if like me you benefit from the gastric tube option for a few days, you can neither drink nor eat, so I guarantee that the mist is life-changing )

- the cover to hide your urinary catheter ( reread my look match kit )

- your favorite shower gel ( reread my beauty kit ;) )

- your soft terry towels

- foot cream because our feet are very dry, especially if you have to wear support stockings, if the nurses are nice and they are not too overwhelmed, they can give you a little massage as a bonus ;)

- varnish, as a good psychotic I refused to remove all my varnish during my operations, I only removed 1 or 2 fingers, and as soon as I returned from the operating room I ordered Mom to instantly re-spread the bare nails!

- make a “good mood” musical playlist of your favorite songs:

  • headphones ( if you have a roommate or are a fan of dubious singers )
  • The IHOME CUBE mini speaker is great if you want to create a night club atmosphere in your “reception room”

- a candle that smells good (ask if you have the right and don't forget to put it out, it would be stupid to set the service on fire)

- if you are a smoker like me, my friend Z. had thought of offering me an electronic cigarette to vape discreetly in the evening in my room (shhh), otherwise I went down very/too regularly with my all-terrain wheelchair to “toast a ” near the garbage room

- your collection of never opened books

- your endless piles of magazines

- your games: crosswords, Sudoku (don't forget the pencil with integrated eraser ;))

- take a few packs of your favorite water!

Pleasant extras:

- your 90 x 90 sheets (if you have several sets of sheets, take them all, it's much nicer than the yellow synthetic sheets from the “Paris hospitals”)

- your pillow (take several pillowcases), hospital pillows are very often rotten and made of plastic

If you are accompanied in a “double room” by a loved one:

- your computer (to watch out for, there are a lot of thefts at the hospital... and it doesn't fit in the micro safe) with a great collection of DVDs (happy)

- a card game (just in case)


  • massages can come to you, even in the hospital! For example Vero (my fasciatherapist) came very regularly to my room to reenergize/relax me :)
  • the relay of friends, suggest a rotation so that your loved ones take turns, often the nurses do not really like it when your room is transformed into a meeting room: proceed with the alternation ;) . Especially since with the constant noise of the hospital, too many people at the same time fatigue, take care not to have your ears ringing too much, even if it is always extremely pleasant to see your plenary support committee enter , you will benefit more from the select committee ;)

Hospital look:

I invite you to reread my post on looks, here:


Beauty kit:

I invite you to reread my post on the beauty kit, here:


With all that, I pity the person/your “groom” who will have to deal with transporting packages ;)

See you soon

Beautiful day


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Hospital's Kit: squarely it's heavy

Hello ,

Here is a post that has a major importance in the battle of any K fighters that respects itself: The organization / packaging of the essentials for the hospital!

In fact, let's say that the hospital isn't frankly speaking the place that makes anyone dream, but to make this "trip" more soft, I judged that it was important to create a 'little home' to not be too depressed in " my princess suite" and to forget the hideous beige / yellow floor, and the wallpaper tone on tone, decorated by a beautiful "piece of art", located above my bed, that would change color and story depending on the dose of morphine that i would get.

The hospital, I spent quite a long time there, I remind that I had 6 surgeries, when 1&2 kindly pushed my to stay approximately 1 month and a week in the surgery department, so thank god with some resources “cozy accessories” I managed to stay with a foot inside my past life…. And most importantly wonderful P taken over by my soft Mother & sometimes my sweet dad would each after the other sleep over to stay with me!

I can't hide that during my 2 “cruising” weeks, I was a bit fed up. Only my parents and P, and some of my friends were authorized to come and see me, to enjoy my awful fed up mood completely stoned!

It is only from the 2nd round, that my dream team of support were authorized to walk in the door to my “new” home sweet home

Well, enough spoken of me, here are a few practical advices and the equipment that goes with it to be well prepared for the battle and to make time pass by.

Persons sensitive to lumbago, it will be though, very though…


The Essentials:

- earplug ( the hospital can be very loud )

- mask to sleep - atomizer ( vital for the days after the surgery, if like me you had a gastric probe during a few days, you cannot drink, eat, so the atomizer changes your life ) - the cover to hide your urinary problem ( see Post 9 ) - your favorite shower gel - your soft towels - cream for dry feet because you get very dry feet, and the stockings don't help to prevent from that, if the nurses are nice they can help you and give you a little foot massage ;) - nail polish, as a good irrational person, i would refuse to take out my nail polish for every surgery, i would only take it away from 1 or 2 nails, and when i came back from the surgery, Mum had to paint my missing nails. - prepare a playlist “good mood” with your favorite songs: ➢ headphones (if you share your room or if you are too share to share your taste of music) ➢ the I HOME stereo is great if you want to great a little night club ambient in your “reception area” - if you are a smoker like me, my friend Z. thought of buying me an electronic cigarette that I would smoke secretly at night (shhh) otherwise I would go down / way too often with my 4 wheels wheelchair to smoke a cigarette next to the garbage disposal - your collection of never opened / nor read books - your pile of magazines - your games: crosswords, Sudoku (don't forget the pencil) - take some packs of your favorite water!

The nice extras:

- your sheet 90 x 90 (if you have a few bring them all, it's so much more comfortable to sleep in your own soft sheets than in the synthetic ones of the hospitals) - your pillow (take a few pillowslip), the pillows of the hospital are very often awful and in plastic If you have company: - your computer (be careful there are a lot of things that disappear at the hospital, and this doesn't fit in the super small safe) with a great collection of dvds - a set of cards (just in case)


➢ Massages can come to you, even to the hospital! For example Vero ( my facial therapist ) would come very often to my room to reboost me and relax me :-)

➢ the relay of my friends, propose them to relay each other, often the nurses don't really like that your room gets transformed into a meeting room. So make a plan ;). Also with the noise of the hospital, and a lot of people you can get exhausted, so make sure you aren't pushing yourself, even though it's often very nice to see and hear your support team, make it in a little amount of people , you will enjoy it more ;)


I invite you to read the post on my looks, and the part dedicated to the looks at the hospital ;)


Beauty Kit:

I invite you to read the post about Beauty


With all this, poor him or her the “groom” that will have to carry all this :-)

See you soon

Have a nice day


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