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Post 13: Sport AddiKt...

Sport AddiKt (well almost)...



Here is the most hypocritical post in the “history” of my blog (let’s not be afraid of words): the SPORT theme !

But as I often say, because we always have better advice for others than for ourselves, I'm giving it a go ;)!!

Since my earliest childhood, I cannot really be described as a great sportswoman! Let's say that my parents signed me up for several activities to test my aptitude for team sport, very quickly I gave up, preferring to indulge in the pleasures of drawing, reading or the piano, which I considered much more stimulating, so as not to admit that it was just enormous laziness, rather than inflicting physical hardship on my body…. But this is a huge mistake, because intellectual stimulation and sport are perfectly compatible, even essential for good mental balance! I therefore favored artistic and literary activities at the expense of strengthening my shrimp body! And frankly if I had to do it again very clearly I would have become a real “addiKt sport”!

But it's never too late to start exercising!!

However, at 26 years old I had finally found THE sport that suited me: BOXING (English & French)!!!

For a year before Mister K's intrusion, I had immersed myself in this practice, which perfectly matched my expectations:

1) work on my smoking cardio

2) strengthen my whole body

3) draw my flat butt

4) and above all let off steam!!!

I left each session feeling liberated! Boxing (English & French) is the best stress release I have ever been given (besides my therapist ;)), I loved the symbol of punching a chicken into someone with all my might. one or something, it's super liberating!!!

It’s boxing that inspired me for the name of the blog: “fighting Kit”, because what could be better than the symbol of boxing which hits everything that moves ;)

Well, unfortunately when Mister K burst into my life, let's say that boxing was no longer really compatible with my 3 laparotomies, it would be stupid to burst the seams of my scars... So during K my only warrior activity was to climb my stairs, walk from time to time and above all do muscle-building exercises twice a week with my KINE ( 100% reimbursed ;) because prescribed by my oncologist)... (see my post 11 on treatments alongside boosters )

In my opinion it wasn't enough, but hey we do what we can!!! Sport is fundamental during & after K! It's good for the body, good for the head but above all recommended to combat the risk of recurrence!

If like me you are not very fond of sport I advise you to at least walk 30/40 min a day, or to explore an attractive/fun sport (I think this is the most important when we are not super motivated)!!!


Pilates, for example, is excellent for K fighters and ex K fighters because it allows you to strengthen all your deep muscles

Swimming is also excellent, because it is very gentle, especially if you have undergone heavy operations like me! Well, even if I admit that the municipal swimming pool riddled with fungus is not a dream, swimming or aquagym are excellent for sculpting the body of a Greek God or Goddess, especially since the water allows a gentle remusculation. Thanks to this, I saw my muscles gradually reshape and tone up!

There is also Yoga of course!

But hey, I leave you free reign to find THE sport that will suit you perfectly, nothing prevents you from trying several sports, to find the pearl, and make your free choice, you just have to be tenacious & perseverant!!

Let us not forget that: “ sport consists of delegating to the body some of the strongest virtues of the soul: energy, daring, patience. It is the opposite of illness.


2 months ago I started boxing again! Finally ! Well...I don't fight, but I do some English & French boxing training, that's enough to be able to hit bear paws again and I can tell you that it makes me feel better. crazy, to release all the energy that my body has accumulated (my favorite thing is kicking ;))!!!! The beginnings were quite comical & laborious, I felt like I was 90 years old and rusty everywhere, but gradually I feel like my body is coming back to life!! I'm super happy (for the moment I'm only doing this 1 hour per week but I plan to double the dose as soon as my physique is "back on track" )

Please note that there are several "specialized centers" in sport for K fighter if you wish to find the suitable Sport, I invite you to look:

LA CAMI (Sport & Cancer) : great association

For Pilates in Paris , look at the blog of Jean Marie Festa (sports coach who offers walking & free Pilates classes for women with Cancer: go to her BLOG for more information)

Coach Charlotte reports:

So now WE GET MOVING!! and Go Go Go Sport regenerates”

If, like me, the operations have not spared you, that is not an excuse, there is still the Physiotherapy option to work your muscles at home if necessary, with very gentle exercises!

See you Tuesday for the great INTERVIEW with Anthony , our first male K fighter ! Anthony is 23 years old – he is in remission from a testicular K , so he will share his K & his tips! GENTLEMEN if like him you have more than one tip in your "Kase attaché" you have the floor to share your experience of Mister K and especially your practical tips - practical J Thank you Anthony, for paving the way for men, who also need good tips to face the war against K ;) Contact me at: contact@mister-k-fighting-kit.com , or directly in the CONTACT ME section, if you want to share your story & tips, I will send you the questionnaire !

Thank you for taking the time to read me.

FYI, I will not be able to post tips next Friday, see you in 2 weeks for the next tip: Friday March 13 for the Post on my tips on Home Care.

Have a nice day everyone.


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RE-PS: if you are also a K fighter , you are discovering my blog for the first time and you need other practical tips, I invite you to go to the section: TIP KIT

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Sport AddiKt (almost)...



Here you have the most hypocritical post of the "history" of my blog (don't be afraid about the words): Sport theme!!

As I often say, we are better at giving advice to others, so let's start.

Since my childhood I can't really say that I'm a sporty person! Let's say that my parents enrolled me in several activities to test my skills in team sport. I quickly gave up, I preferred to draw, read and play piano, which I thought were much more challenging. Actually I just didn't want to admit to myself I was lazy.

But this is a huge mistake, because intellectual stimulation and sport are perfectly compatible or even essential for a good mental balance!

So I encouraged artistic activities as much as workouts.

Frankly if I had the chance to change something it would be to become completely addicted to sport!! But it's never too late ☺

Yet at 26 I've finally found my workout: BOXING (french & english)!!!

A year before discovering my cancer, I dived into this sport, the motivations were: 1) improve my endurance (I'm a smoker) 2) tone my body 3) tone my flat ass 4) and above all release the stress!!!

I left each session released! Boxing (English & French) is the best workout for stress I ever tried (beside of course the moment spent with my therapist;)). I loved the idea of ​​punching with all my strength in somebody or something, it's very liberating!!!

I actually named my blog "fighting Kit" after it, because what could be better than boxing to describe my fight against the illness.

Well, unfortunately when Mister K burst into my life, boxing wasn't anymore compatible with my 3 laparotomy. So my only workouts during K were to climb my stairs, walk and especially do exercise to redevelop my muscles twice a week with my physiotherapist (reimbursed at 100%) as prescribed by my oncologist.

To me, this was not enough, but at least it was something!!! Sport is fundamental during and after the K ! It is good for your body, for the mind.

It is also essential in order to avoid a comeback of sickness.

If you are like me and you are not a sport addiKt, I advise you to walk at least 30-40 minutes a day or try, which will motivate you to do more.

Pilates for example, is excellent for K fighters and K x fighters because it tones all your core muscles.


Swimming is also excellent and very soft, especially if you have suffered like me from hard operations! Well I admit that the public swimming pool full of bacteria is not very appealing, but swimming or aqua aerobics is excellent for toning. Thanks to it I saw my muscles gradually improve.

There is also yoga! Anyway, my best advice is to try as many sports as you like to find the one, which suits you the best.

2 months ago I restarted my boxing classes, finally! Well I don't fight, but I follow the training course of English & French boxing. I can tell you that it makes me feel so good, my favorite thing is kicking;)) !!!!

The beginning was rather comical & laborious, I felt like a 90 year old women , but gradually I felt my body reviving!! I'm really happy ( for the moment I do only 1 hour a week but I intend to double the dose as soon as my body will be back on track)

Please note that there are several "specialized centers" in sport for K fighter s in France if you want to find the suitable activity, look at: http://www.sportetcancer.com/fr,1,5237.html For Pilate in Paris, look at the blog of Jean Marie fiesta (trainer which offers walking & Pilate free courses for sick women: https://jeanmariefesta.wordpress.com/

So now LET’S MOVE ON!! Go Go Go Sport regenerates.

Even little workouts at home are good! As long as you move and don't let your body down. See you Tuesday for the interview with Anthony , our first Man K fighter on the blog! Anthony is a 23 year old man– He had a testicle cancer, so he will share his K & his tricks! GENTLEMEN like him, if you have more than one trick in your "briefcase" Please join us to share your experience. Thank you Anthony, for opening the way for the male gender, who also needs some good tips. Contact me at: contact@mister-k-fighting-kit.com if you want to share your story & tricks, I will send you the questionnaire! Thank you for time. Charlotte

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