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Thank you Seintinelles


Thank you @ Seintinelles for this portrait :)


a few weeks ago, I had the pleasant surprise of discovering the email of Isabelle from the Seintinelles team. Isabelle then asked me if I would agree to do a portrait on their site: "obviously", I didn't didn't even ask the question!

Seintinelles is a very good commitment, that of bringing together a community of women/patients in collaboration with researchers and doctors, for research against Mister K , it's difficult not to be convinced...

“Let us not forget that cancer will affect us all one day or another. Let's join forces to fight it, the more of us there are, the stronger we will be. »

Go to the Seintinelles website to join ;)

See you soon



Thanks @ Seintinelles for the portrait :)



Some weeks ago, I had the chance to discover Isabelle's mail from Seintinelles. Isabelle asked me, if I wanted to do a portrait on their website: Of course I would!!!! No need to ask.

Seintinelles is a very nice organization. They gather women/patients, who are collaborating with doctors and researchers against cancer. Hard not to be convinced…

“Let's not forget that we could all be touched in some ways by cancer. Let's unite our strengths to better fight it, the more we will be, the more we will be strong. »

See you then on Seintinelles website for the application.

See you very soon.