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Thanks @Mid&Plus

<:fr> Thanks to Mid&Plus and especially to MH. for this superb article

MH, is a friend of mom's and created this great site MID&Plus, since the creation of Mister K fighting Kit for 2 months now, MH follows all my posts assiduously, and encourages me on my projects with so much kindness...

What is MID&Plus : a site that offers a “ positive & creative look at the feminine world ”!

An information site that offers positive ideas, breathes energy, brings meaning. To say stop the ambient darkness, yes to wonder! "

MID&Plus is therefore a very beautiful project, to follow, read & relay without moderation ;)

Bravo to MH and his team, and another 1000 thanks ;)

@ very quickly


<:en> Thank you to Mid&Plus and especially to MHC for the nice post for the special occasion of the International Day Against Cancer mid&plus and mister K fighting kit


MH, a friend of my mother created this great site MID&Plus a few months ago. Since the start of Mister K fighting Kit (2 months), MH is following all my posts and encourages me a lot on this project. Some days ago MH asked me, if I wanted to be relayed for the International Day Against Cancer. Of course I said yes!

MID & Plus is a website, which offers a very positive and creative look on the feminine world!

“A website, which offers a lot of positive ideas, blows energy and brings sense. Say stop to the darkness around you and yes to wonder! »

Bravo to MH and his team and thank you again See you soon Charlotte P.S: Tomorrow I'll try to post an article on Mister Pack (The famous catheter: K & Chemo symbols) and a manual for K beginners with all the technical terms. Today is a big day, I am taking away Mister Pack after 2 years. I was initially supposed to edit an article on the good sides and parallel doctors needed during cancer, but Dre. L (my wonderful oncologist) planned my “ Bye Bye Mister Pack ” Monday evening. This post will then be postponed for the next days. <:>