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Thanks @Inside Closet.-desktop Thanks @Inside Closet.-mobile

Thanks @Inside Closet.

PORTRAIT 📷 ✨ Many thanks to the sweet and talented Anne Sophie <3, creator of the great site InsideCloset for this pretty, almost enchanting break that feels good....

>>> to discover here!

I actually miss talking about rags and lipstick a little... Because before the irruption of Cancer in my life, let's not lose sight of the fact that I was a fashionista / let's even say clearly a shopping addict (and still am a little... oops), a "light" young woman "to certainly futile issues but futility is good too, it's what allows me to breathe, outside the paths of my many transcendental reflections ;)

It is no coincidence that I created a project around beauty and these touches of "futility" which are ultimately essential, to regain dignity and self-esteem...

Thank you for this pretty, quite intimate portrait which opens the doors to my other life, that of a girl like any other who loves clothes, decoration and all sorts of other "existential" things, in addition to loving life and to be an inveterate dreamer.

Because getting a foothold in normal life is also about having fun and not forgetting who we really are! => reread my post thinking about yourself.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Anne Sophie for this shooting session which did me so much good... I have such beautiful memories of it, a little freshness in this raw world doesn't hurt anyone!

Never Give Up

Charlotte # ‎ dreamer # ‎ survivor

@photo credit: Anne Sophie from Inside Closet.