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{ Grazia / wow } 🚀 a double page in @grazia_fr ... the Holy Grail in short! Thank you very much @carolinehamelle for knowing how to juggle with sensitivity and so much accuracy in her words. Such a beautiful summary of the past and the future which extends its arms to me (us) with @misterk and #ladreambigfactory . I'm not going to dwell on verbose tirades, but you can't imagine how much such a paper gives you wings. So thank you Caroline, and well done! Without forgetting @margueritebornhauser for this beautiful and unvarnished photo which looks so much like me, this publication is a beautiful summary of stars aligning... Moved and proud. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Convinced every day a little more that we need endless dreams and accomplish them all ❤️ Charlotte 📰✏️ @carolinehamelle 📷 @margueritebornhauser