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|| Serendipity 🎙💥|| my tarte tatin, in Bercy... I spoke about Tarte Tatin last Thursday in Bercy, during the Bang at #innogeneration, the annual meeting of @bpifrance ... “I am the result of an error that turned into a stroke of luck.” Don't give up! Dare everything! Make no mistake, pitfalls sometimes turn into brilliant and delicious tarte tatin like our brand @misterk , or even my association with Astrid LEGMANN ♥️! This is exactly what my book is about 📕 #impossibleismyhope , I don't dwell on the past, I don't dwell on Cancer, I talk about the future, life, tarte tatin, rebounding, risk taking, entrepreneurship, determination, daring everything... Life can sometimes have wonderful revisited Tartes Tatin! Thursday October 10, 2019 will resonate with me for a long time as a fabulous challenge met! Thank you Juliette, Delphine & Nicolas for these 7 minutes of suspended time, thank you for this crazy memory... @charlotte_husson ✔️ shout out to @silviakahn thanks to whom I learned to overcome my shyness!