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The Kiss Kiss Bank Bank campaign ended this evening at 5 p.m....


Thanks to you, the objective has been largely achieved. It is with great emotion that I write these lines to you, because you believed in my project as much as I have believed in it since the first second I started building it. Your kindness and generosity were a driving force that drove me throughout this month and a half. This engine continues to drive me with even more strength and conviction, in the service of this project which is almost no longer mine, but ours, yours, from now on.

Our project can see the light of day, to bring this glimmer of comfort through these kits, to bring a little softness in the brutal world of K, I sincerely hope that you like them.

You have made this action possible, thank you is not even enough, as your generous contributions will allow a wind of gentleness to reach the K fighters, concretely.

The fighting kit is more than ever a company that opens up to a little more humanity, and above all the testimony that together everything becomes possible with kindness and solidarity; it's more than beautiful, it's good.

Thank you for trusting me, you can count on me not to give up, because if this damn illness has taught me anything, it's this: NEVER DEAR ANYTHING, follow through on your convictions, stand up for yourself. to give the strength and the means to try everything, when we have touched the depths of life; I saw the worst up close, but I know today, thanks to this fabulous experience, how the worst can also be transformed into a force of life, more beautiful and full of hope.

Thank you for making all this possible, I won't disappoint you, you can count on me!

The main work begins today: put the e-shop online around January 25, fill these little boxes as soon as they arrive next week and send them, to finally deliver these little flames of life nestled in these Kits , I have cut out ;) !


More than ever

Thank you for trusting me.