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ITW n°97: Cindy - Curcumabox.


Today I present to you Cindy, 34 years old, in remission from Breast K for 3 years (yeah); but yes.... you know her, our beautiful muse master yogi green, of our Together Stronger sweatshirts, well today, she tells us about her fight but above all her superb project: Curcumabox , to gently learn healthy how to make yourself good where it hurts and even that she needs us, I'll let you discover her. I remind you that Turmeric is excellent for your health ;) to consume without moderation for its many virtues!

Another beautiful, inspiring wonder warrior to discover.

Let's get started:

Who are you ?

First name: Cindy

Age: 34

Profession: ex model maker - future naturopath - new blogger

You decided to create C urcumabox, how did this great idea come about?

Following my journey. Because today I'm doing well and it's important to say it. After cancer is essential and can sometimes open previously unsuspected doors.

Are you alone in your business?

I am associated with my life partner ;-)

If there are several of you, how have you distributed the tasks?

PJ takes care of the accounts, and I do the rest. The project is based on my story and it supports me in the task.

What K did you get?

I had hormone-dependent breast cancer diagnosed in October 2013. A beautiful 8cm baby lodged in my right breast. Barely a year after the birth of my daughter. And I thought I had retained my large pregnancy breasts, but that was not the case...

What were your feelings when the announcement was made, how old were you?

After breastfeeding I felt a lump which grew very quickly. I had quite a few exams which revealed nothing even though it was still very palpable, I wasted time. I was 31 years old.

What are the nugget phrases that someone said to you during K that could have been avoided?

Great classics of the “oh, it’s very easy to treat” type. In fact I didn't pay particular attention to it, or I forgot. I came up with my own nuggets like "well, I'm dealing with old people's illnesses now so I can have peace of mind for later" (I had hallux valgus surgery on my foot at 16, if that's what it was). isn't a grandmother's illness too!) or “cancer, flu, it's the same, I'll come back to work in a week”. It's special but it's the kind of thing that helps me a lot.

What did you do to take your mind off things during K?

I read. I am a machine. When I get into something I'm passionate about, in this case health and wellness, I'm insatiable. And I learned so much (I still have a lot to discover) that it was worth it.

And I continued to do sports, running in particular and my yoga revelation (I was full of preconceptions about this discipline that I thought was reserved for lettuce-eating girls). What a great discovery.

How was your life in the medical profession? Did you find the answers you were looking for, did you understand everything?

For the RAS protocol, I was well supervised. I still blame doctors for not being very open to “complementary” approaches. So I stopped talking about it.

What was your first feeling when you first met the treatments (chemotherapy/hospital)?

I had 8 chemos, an ablation and 30 radiation sessions. In my face. Oh and I quickly forget that one, but 1 year of Herceptin too (more chemo). I took everything as it came, without asking too many questions, the less I was told the better I was. The questions came later and I searched for the answers.

Did you get information on the internet?

IF YES: What would be the useful (internet) links that helped you to give you strength, and those to recommend to relatives of K fighters?

Today yes, but during the treatments I read a lot of books on the subject more than I browsed the internet. I wasn't super connected at the time, which is why blogging is still something strange for me. I'm a blogger, aha, it's so surreal.

( I stick to books rather than links) The first book that put me on the path was that of David Servan Schreiber, Anti-cancer. Not easy to read because I was still afraid at the time but so enriching. I learned that it was possible to do things for yourself and take back ownership of your body. Since then I haven't stopped. I am discovering it day by day. I find the human body fascinating. This is my new passion.

What were your beauty/well-being tips during the treatments to help you?

I am for 100% natural, for example, during the rays I used Niaouli essential oil and my skin is perfect today (well, it must still be Chernobyl underneath).

I slathered my body with calendula cream and I didn't suffer from dryness (although during chemo it quickly turns into raisins).

Homeopathy all the way.

I was a pattern maker at Ba&sh and I had cashmere sweaters in my closet that have never left me. So sweet and comforting.

I advise you to go see a naturopath. Diet is essential during treatments and doctors unfortunately do not pay attention to it (not the ones I have met in any case)... Move as much as you can or at least get some fresh air, oxygenation is the life. Vitamin D is essential, you have to sunbathe (reasonably I mean) or take supplements, it is essential for immunity and well-being in general. Don't stay locked up, if you can't move, let's open the windows!

Were you able to talk freely about it to your loved ones? Did you feel supported/supported/understood?

The person I live with has been impeccable. From A to Z. He was my rock, I was his mold. It helps a lot. And my nugget, even if she was only a year old, she was my breath of fresh air. I just had to bury my nose in his warm little neck and I was perked up. Even today this good smell of little neck is very effective.

Then there is the family, who can sometimes be uncomfortable. Humor is my best weapon. In any circumstance. It unlocks a lot of situations.

What advice would you give to other loved ones to support a K fighter?

Often people don't dare to simply ask "how are you?" ". This arises as a question (at least I think) because it can also go well despite everything and it feels good to say it. And if things don't go well, we move on, but at least there's no indifference. I know it's not voluntary behavior but it can be worked on.

What has this ordeal changed in your life?

I'm no longer the same person, that's obvious. And it's not sad, on the contrary. Before I was ignorant of a lot of things. I'm not saying that cancer brought me infused science, far from it, but it opened the doors to a world that was hitherto unknown to me. I am more attentive to myself and therefore to that of others. And above all, I feel fulfilled and that wasn't the case before. And then you say to yourself, wow but that looks great! I want cancer too! Let's not go that far. It is possible to open your eyes long before you get there. And that’s exactly what I want to share.

After such an experience / life test we understand that you wanted to give meaning and create your project, can you tell us more about Curcumabox:

Following the medical journey, many questions appeared to me about health and illness. I read a lot and found most of my answers, the ones that worked for me. I created the blog because I felt the need to share my experience. I have done and continue to do a lot of things to get better, and I found it important to let people know because we are all stakeholders in our health. Cancer is no fun and all positive vibes are welcome.

My blog talks about health, food and well-being, very little about illness in the end because I preferred to address everything that this experience allowed me to discover. In a light tone that resembles me.

Where can we find you?

The Internet is my kingdom (irony for a girl who was originally so unconnected, so everything happens)

curcumabox.fr and on Instagram and Facebook

What are your ideas for the future?

I launched a crowdfunding campaign on kisskissbankbank, to translate all the advice from the blog into a box, to move from theory to practice. It is currently in progress, don't hesitate to take a look to support me, share and who knows how to contribute if you like the idea, it's here!

Free field (what would you like to add that is not in my questions):

I think I've already spread myself out quite a bit! Those I haven't gotten drunk can visit me on curcumabox.fr

and to learn everything about my project, watch this video: